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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
May 01, 2018Williamstown, MA263 Sand Springs Rd$250,000Rhie, Bernard J
Schutzman, Julie R
Larocca, Roger W
Larocca, Joan M
More Info
April 18, 2018Williamstown, MA196 South St$575,000Johnson, James E
Johnson, Linda M
Flynt, William A
Flynt, Juliet G
More Info
April 13, 2018Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$350,000Anderson, Nathaniel S
Starz, Carolyn S
Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
More Info
April 06, 2018Williamstown, MANW Hill Rd #3$250,000Purple Mountain Pass Rlty Hamilton, J Scott
Hamilton, Susan
More Info
April 02, 2018Williamstown, MA410 N Hemlock Ln #410$385,000Katherine K Lasell T
Lasell, Chester K
410 N Hemlock Ln NT
Blodgett, Timothy B
More Info
April 02, 2018Williamstown, MA264 Sand Springs Rd$205,000Beringer, James
Finch, Justine
Oleskiewicz, Allan K
Oleskiewicz, Peggy Anne
More Info
March 16, 2018Williamstown, MAN Hoosac Rd$10,000Pedercini, Craig A
Pedercini, Karen G
Fitzhugh Eugenie H Est
Fitzhugh, Michael A
More Info
March 08, 2018Williamstown, MA24 Talcott Rd$500,000Kivney, Thomas B
Counts-Kivney, Sally
Mcguire, Morgan
Mcguire, Sarah F
More Info
March 02, 2018Williamstown, MA215 Stratton Rd #A$300,000Tew, Donna J Carver, David
Carver, Jane D
More Info
March 01, 2018Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$400,000Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
Eagle Shore T
Driver, John C
More Info
February 26, 2018Williamstown, MA70 Maple St$169,500Cole, Brian W Greenwald, Peter W More Info
February 22, 2018Williamstown, MA95 Water St$690,000Legend Interests Inc 95 Water Street LP More Info
February 05, 2018Williamstown, MA825 Simonds Rd$300,000Williamstown Town Of Turner House Living Ctr More Info
February 02, 2018Williamstown, MA112 S Hemlock Ln #112$147,000Din-Ansari, Bilal W
Keyes, Colleen M
Mcfarland, Sarah C More Info
January 31, 2018Williamstown, MA42 Lower Windflower Way #42$225,900Cifuentes, Jose R
Davila, Zamara
Degooyer, Alan W
Mutongi, Kenda B
More Info
January 22, 2018Williamstown, MAHancock Rd$80,000Patten, Michael S Lee Bank More Info
January 19, 2018Williamstown, MA62 Summer St$142,900Hyde, Kathleen M Janiga, Deanna M More Info
January 17, 2018Williamstown, MA46 Benlise Dr$326,000Greenberg, Daniel R Mathews, Nancy M
Montecino, Ingrid R
More Info
January 09, 2018Williamstown, MA141 White Oaks Rd$150,000Broad Brook Studios LLC Broude, Ronald More Info
January 08, 2018Williamstown, MA214 Hopper Rd$334,000Gillis, Meghan
Campbell, Jillian
Long Acre NT
Guernsey, Sherwood
More Info
December 28, 2017Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #D4$163,500Andreatta, David R
Andreatta, Lauren
Covest NT
Scerbo, Robert J
More Info
December 28, 2017Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #E4$117,000Andreatta, David R
Andreatta, Lauren
Parker, Mary J More Info
December 28, 2017Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #J5$167,000Andreatta, David R
Andreatta, Lauren
Scerbo, Robert J
Scerbo, Nancy M
More Info
December 27, 2017Williamstown, MA62 Roaring Brook Rd$73,624Bump, Jennifer A Filiault, Jon-Joe More Info
December 27, 2017Williamstown, MA1382 Main St$975,000Barron, Ethan
Min-Barron, Marion
Sterling&F Clark Art Inst More Info
December 22, 2017Williamstown, MA54 Summer St$257,000Parkman, Andrew Holland, Kevin M More Info
December 20, 2017Williamstown, MA567 Main St$180,000Spencer, Michael P Spencer, Nancy A More Info
December 13, 2017Williamstown, MA6 Hamel Ave$106,000Broadwell, Jeremy R
Broadwell, Dawn M
Bank New York Mellon Tr More Info
December 01, 2017Williamstown, MA15 White Oaks Rd$135,000Bouton, Jill C Tanzi, Caroline More Info
November 29, 2017Williamstown, MA32 Woodcock Rd$348,500Berkshire Family&Individ Zoito, Vincent A
Zoito, Marcia M
More Info
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