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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
March 21, 2017Williamstown, MA45 Saulnier Dr$12,000Falk, Karen J Falk, Adam F
Falk, Karen J
More Info
March 20, 2017Williamstown, MA295 Main St$1,100,000Limra Realty LLC Krishiv Realty LLC More Info
March 17, 2017Williamstown, MA65 Maple St$300,000Jordan-Leyda, Christopher
Leyda-Nicoll, Kerri
ENL LLC More Info
March 15, 2017Williamstown, MA13 Manning St$284,300Keogh, Sean C
Keogh, Nicole M
Toureille, Micheline
Toureille, Pierre R
More Info
March 09, 2017Williamstown, MA774 Simonds Rd$142,000Rickert, Tyler H
Rickert, Amanda L
RSB Properties LLC More Info
March 02, 2017Williamstown, MA1195 Green River Rd$127,800Loux, Janice Beaudreau, Thomas P
Beaudreau, Linda E
More Info
February 27, 2017Williamstown, MA37 Jamieson Hts$300,000Hodges, Jennifer L
Foster, Valerie A
Old Mill NT
England, Walter F
More Info
February 27, 2017Williamstown, MA165 Lindley Ter$354,900Fox, Eric B
Carazzo-Fox, Daniela
Cappalli, Richard B
Cappalli, Paula E
More Info
February 15, 2017Williamstown, MA51 Willshire Dr$220,000Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc Politis, Nancy Q
Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc
More Info
January 13, 2017Williamstown, MAIde Rd$200,000Maier, Nancy Dillon, Rita S More Info
January 13, 2017Williamstown, MA43 White Oaks Rd$187,000Dibenedetto, Antonello Bizzi, Richard A
Bizzi, Lynn M
More Info
January 13, 2017Williamstown, MA263 Sand Springs Rd$111,500Larocca, Roger
Larocca, Joan
USA VA More Info
December 30, 2016Williamstown, MAHancock Rd$100,000Macdonald, Bruce
Macdonald, Julie
Jacqueline S Descognets T
Descognets, Louis
More Info
December 29, 2016Williamstown, MA1214 Simonds Rd$210,000Shree Hospitality LLC Derose, Anthony J
Derose, Richard L
More Info
December 20, 2016Williamstown, MA163 N Hoosac Rd$360,000Rosenheim, Shawn J Zoltanski, Jennifer L More Info
December 20, 2016Williamstown, MANW Hill Rd$200,000Jenks Northwest Hill RT
Hunnewell, Arnold W
Mason FT
Mason, Toby A
More Info
December 19, 2016Williamstown, MA38 Prospect St$205,000Kaatz, Calder
Kaatz, Eleanor
Trimarchi Joan M Est
Trimarchi, Jeffrey
More Info
December 16, 2016Williamstown, MA231 S Hemlock Ln #231$175,000Voisin, Sarah P AC Enterprises LLC More Info
December 14, 2016Williamstown, MA610 Main St$125,000MGA Realty Group LLC Northern Pines RT
Anderson, Patricia A
More Info
December 09, 2016Williamstown, MA1181 N Hoosac Rd$125,000Leveque, Thomas E
Mccarthy, Tammy
Barber, Eva K More Info
December 05, 2016Williamstown, MA1062 N Hoosac Rd$186,000Sullivan, Nathan
Engelson, Amber
Larocca, Roger W
Larocca, Joan M
More Info
December 02, 2016Williamstown, MA100 Elm St$738,000Burrow, Judd C
Burrow, Hazel P
R L Fowle&V L Brooke FT
Fowle, Richard L
More Info
December 02, 2016Williamstown, MA42 Hoxsey St$82,500Bubriski, Wanda A Bubriski, Peter D More Info
December 01, 2016Williamstown, MA29 Thistle Path #29$210,000Gangemi, J Marvin
Gangemi, Mary E
Goetsch, Ruth B More Info
November 30, 2016Williamstown, MA64 Moorland St$587,500Spelman, John C
Conathan, Lisa J
Gail, Keli More Info
November 30, 2016Williamstown, MAPetersburg Rd$230,000Forest Through Trees Frms Seckler, Michael S More Info
November 30, 2016Williamstown, MA517 Water St$630,000Polumbo, Gary A
Polumbo, Rebecca C
Baldwin, Jessica J More Info
November 25, 2016Williamstown, MA4 Cobbleview Rd$185,000Harvey, Darin A
Harvey, Christina T
Ororke, Virginia E More Info
November 17, 2016Williamstown, MA139 Water St$55,000General Realty Ventures VanHorn John W Est
Hornung, Laurie J
More Info
November 16, 2016Williamstown, MA857 N Hoosac Rd$120,000Bahia Partners 1 LLC Lane NT
Crane, George T
More Info
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