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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 15, 2016Williamstown, MA224 Longview Ter$450,000Derose, Joanne Y Greenhalgh, Ronald J
Smith-Greenhalgh, Venetia
More Info
September 12, 2016Williamstown, MA533 Cold Spring Rd$85,000Cameron, Adam A Lepicier, Keith
Lepicier, Gregory
More Info
September 09, 2016Williamstown, MA62 New Ashford Rd$373,940Pesce, Nicholas V Goodrich, D Foster
Jennings, Erin K
More Info
September 07, 2016Williamstown, MA212 Cold Spring Rd$220,000Manary, Micah J
Manary, Faith G
Shuker-Haines, Timothy M
Shuker-Haines, Frances S
More Info
September 06, 2016Williamstown, MA35 Prospect St$438,950Shapiro, George D
Shapiro, Louann
Stetson-Clarke, Susan More Info
September 01, 2016Williamstown, MA600 Main St$407,700WNTA Inc Northern Pines RT
Anderson, Patricia A
More Info
August 31, 2016Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #C5$120,000James E Galusha RET
Galusha, James E
Troy, Anelia M More Info
August 31, 2016Williamstown, MA213 S Hemlock Ln #213$161,000James E Galusha RET
Galusha, James E
Shirley G Carpenter NT
Carpenter, Shirley G
More Info
August 30, 2016Williamstown, MACobbleview Rd$75,000Oneil, Sue A Emmons, Robert
Emmons, Jo A
More Info
August 29, 2016Williamstown, MA45 Lower Windflower Way #45$236,000Garwood, David J
Garwood, Catherine A
Scheer, Ramon
Scheer, Beverly E
More Info
August 29, 2016Williamstown, MA99 Longview Ter$265,000Baldracchi, Angela Joan U Manners T
Manners, David A
More Info
August 29, 2016Williamstown, MA213 White Oaks Rd$145,000Myers, Peter L
Myers, Susan
Gelinas, Alfred G
Gelinas, Amy R
More Info
August 19, 2016Williamstown, MA148 South St$770,000Meslay, Olivier
Meslay, Laure
Pardoe, Charles H
Westermann, Martine H
More Info
August 18, 2016Williamstown, MA71 Benlise Dr$255,000Milan, Katherine E Dubendorf, Kathryn L More Info
August 15, 2016Williamstown, MA620 Pine Cobble Rd$535,000Koralesky, Barron
Juneau, Michelle
Williams College More Info
August 15, 2016Williamstown, MA66 Orchard Ln$250,000Bukanc, Rachel Rauscher, Hugh D
Williams-Rauscher, Nancy
More Info
August 12, 2016Williamstown, MA263 North St$108,000Fiorentino, Todd
Kilayko, Mary C L
Walsh, Christine M More Info
August 08, 2016Williamstown, MA890 N Hoosac Rd$153,000Cote, Cynthia M Nowlan, Edward
Nowlan, Christine
More Info
August 05, 2016Williamstown, MA430 Henderson Rd$435,000Bass, Mark H
Bass, Nancy D
Wise, Charlene C
Wise, Alfred J
More Info
August 05, 2016Williamstown, MA1139 Main St$365,000Cart, James W
Cart, Ashley W
Ciulla, Robert K
Ciulla, Louise M
More Info
August 03, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Belden St$287,000Wells, Curtis D
Jacobson, Sarah A
Schwartz, Edith V More Info
August 03, 2016Williamstown, MA263 Sand Springs Rd$194,371Wells Fargo Bank NA Mantooth, Colin A
Mantooth, Jennifer
More Info
August 01, 2016Williamstown, MA224 Pine Cobble Rd$432,250Williams College Bolton, Sarah R
Soloman, Ari
More Info
July 26, 2016Williamstown, MA192 North St$119,000Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr Hyman, Warren S
Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr
More Info
July 25, 2016Williamstown, MA280 Pine Cobble Rd$427,000Tokeshi, Matthew
Tokeshi, Cristina
Williams College More Info
July 22, 2016Williamstown, MA20 Main St$335,000Stapp, Acy J Berkshire County Props More Info
July 20, 2016Williamstown, MA1146 Cold Spring Rd$720,000Bravo LLC Ryder, Jill A More Info
July 18, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, Mary K Shea, James P
Shea, Megan P
More Info
July 18, 2016Williamstown, MA137 Stratton Rd$310,000Sangare, Omar Alcaro, Mario G
Alcaro, Teresa A
More Info
July 07, 2016Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #B4$98,000Bankfreyer RET
Freyer, Stuart
Lee B Dalzell T
Dalzell, Lee B
More Info
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