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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
October 28, 2016Williamstown, MA10 Cummings Ave$161,000Connors, Daniel P Mclain-Hunt, Eleanor
Bolza, Gail B
More Info
November 20, 2015Williamstown, MA10 Ide Rd$625,000Howard, Russell W
Howard, Christina L
Morse FT
Morse, Julie S
More Info
August 16, 2011Williamstown, MA10 Porter St$225,000Dekanter, Mark H
Devaney, Kathleen S
Tenney, Sarah G More Info
November 25, 2014Williamstown, MA10 Summer St$302,000Castro, Ingrid E Rydell, Douglas
Rydell, Carol
More Info
September 15, 2015Williamstown, MA10 Windflower Way #10$290,000Falk, Jonathan S
Hauptman, Barbara
Cramer, Stanley H
Cramer, Rosalind
More Info
December 02, 2016Williamstown, MA100 Elm St$738,000Burrow, Judd C
Burrow, Hazel P
R L Fowle&V L Brooke FT
Fowle, Richard L
More Info
February 08, 2013Williamstown, MA100 NW Hill Rd$650,000Howland, John S
Howland, Jane B
Scofield, Edward A
Scofield, Lynda S
More Info
May 16, 2013Williamstown, MA100 Stratton Rd$50,000Emmons, Robert Santelli, John C More Info
April 25, 2014Williamstown, MA100 Stratton Rd$110,000Chapman, Ronald A Santelli, John C
Landmark CU
More Info
January 09, 2012Williamstown, MA1000 Simonds Rd$225,000Goff, Bruce J Lemme, Kent D More Info
January 18, 2011Williamstown, MA101 South St$442,000Carol W Harrington RT
Harrington, Carol W
Frank, Joele
Higins, Wendy F
More Info
November 25, 2013Williamstown, MA101 South St$620,000Matthiessen, Dieta V Carol W Harrington RET
Harrington, Carol W
More Info
February 06, 2015Williamstown, MA101 South St$860,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Matthiessen, Dieta V More Info
May 18, 2015Williamstown, MA1012-1016 N Hoosac Rd$220,000Scott, Closson K
Scott, Diane R
Diamond, Edward S More Info
November 09, 2018Williamstown, MA1020 Cold Spring Rd$218,500Kelleher, Brian C
Kelleher, Robin P
Duran, James K
Mclaren, Anne
More Info
October 05, 2018Williamstown, MA1020 Simonds Rd$384,000Benson, Ashley P
Benson, Kathryn P
Moore, Laura M More Info
October 01, 2014Williamstown, MA103 Lindley Ter$207,828Williams, Michael A
Williams, Bernadine H
Mcnagny NT
Mcnagny, Kirk P
More Info
June 13, 2013Williamstown, MA1033 Simonds Rd$63,800Beliveau, Jean M
Rand, Thomas E
Desanty, Arthur J
Desanty, Linda M
More Info
June 30, 2014Williamstown, MA1039 N Hoosac Rd$109,000Harrison, Ellen Roos&Alice Barber NT
Barber, Alice M
More Info
May 18, 2015Williamstown, MA104 Belden St$20,000Dandurand, Shannon
Gerdeman, Sarah L
Park, Denny G
Park, David C
More Info
August 03, 2012Williamstown, MA104 Forest Rd$521,000Mulhern, Donald
Ohara, Mary B
William B Roberts FT
Cohen, Lawrence B
More Info
May 23, 2014Williamstown, MA1052 Simonds Rd$120,000Wooley, Nicole N Herrick, Ester
Herrick, Dennis E
More Info
March 27, 2013Williamstown, MA1059 N Hoosac Rd$415,000Easton, James A Tillou, Michael M
Huton, Lara D
More Info
September 19, 2013Williamstown, MA1062 N Hoosac Rd$162,623Wells Fargo Bank NA Fisk, Charlene V
Wells Fargo Bank NA
More Info
September 25, 2014Williamstown, MA1062 N Hoosac Rd$84,000Larocca, Roger FNMA More Info
December 05, 2016Williamstown, MA1062 N Hoosac Rd$186,000Sullivan, Nathan
Engelson, Amber
Larocca, Roger W
Larocca, Joan M
More Info
February 19, 2014Williamstown, MA1067 N Hoosac Rd$140,000Wheelock, Thomas M
Springman, Kathrine E
Allen Skelly NT
Blake, Ann A
More Info
August 15, 2013Williamstown, MA107 Chestnut St$220,000Lemaire, Jeremy M
Lemaire, Deberah E
Madden, William C
Madden, Sarah J
More Info
December 21, 2012Williamstown, MA107 Luce Rd$222,000Jones, Carolyn A Macphail, Jack A
Macphail, Francine L
More Info
March 06, 2015Williamstown, MA107 South St$850,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Pierson South Street NT
Pierson, Sara L
More Info
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