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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
December 19, 2011Williamstown, MA1399 Green River Rd$900,0001399 Green River Road NT
Andersen, Jon
J William Winding Jr T
Winding, J W
More Info
October 31, 2014Williamstown, MA530 Main St$175,0001772 House LLC Greylock FCU More Info
September 30, 2016Williamstown, MA191 Berlin Rd$450,000191 Berlin Road NT
Moynihan, Gary
Franz, Patricia A
Haskins, James H
More Info
January 04, 2016Williamstown, MA193 Chestnut St$1,150,000193 Chestnut Street NT
Parks, James R
Craig, Thomas
Rork, Jennifer
More Info
April 03, 2017Williamstown, MA194 Water St$301,000194 Water LLC Edith B Monroe RET
Monroe, Edith B
More Info
July 17, 2015Williamstown, MA20 Woodlawn Dr$385,00020 Woodlawn Drive NT
Currie, Deborah E
Devadoss, Satyan L
Devadoss, Doris K
More Info
May 25, 2016Williamstown, MA259 Main St$291,500259 Main St MA LLC Oconnell Oil Associates More Info
June 21, 2017Williamstown, MA430 Main St$950,000430 Main Hotel LLC Williamstown PT
Mandelbaum, David
More Info
September 03, 2014Williamstown, MA231 S Hemlock Ln #231$157,000A C Enterprises LLC Markstein, Robert L
Geller, Ellen M
More Info
October 03, 2014Williamstown, MA13 Cold Spring Rd$449,000Aalberts, Daniel P
Dankmeyer, Erica A
Carothers, James A
Carothers, Joanna K
More Info
July 15, 2014Williamstown, MA489 Water St$175,000Aalberts, Leon K Giamborino, Paul R
Giamborino, J M
More Info
July 11, 2011Williamstown, MA48 Birch Ln$174,167Abate, Vickey J Ludwig, Linda A
Abate, Victor R
More Info
September 04, 2018Williamstown, MA22 Birch Ln$275,000Abate, Victor R Archambault Emma Est
Szlachetka, Gary
More Info
April 21, 2015Williamstown, MA185 Lindley Ter$176,000Acosta, Reimundo O
Acosta, Patricia E
Malone, William J
Malone, Maryjane
More Info
May 30, 2018Williamstown, MA25 Longview Ter$310,000Adalsteinsson, Tomas F
Brown, Vanessa K
Heggeseth, Paul
Heggeseth, Brianna
More Info
June 13, 2011Williamstown, MASweet Farm Rd #5$150,000Adams Co-operative Bank Dickey, David L
Adams Co-operative Bank
More Info
March 11, 2013Williamstown, MA392 White Oaks Rd$61,000Adbou, James I Beneficial MA Inc More Info
January 05, 2015Williamstown, MA761 Henderson Rd$398,000Aftosmis, Stephen F
Aftosmis, Amber B
Grees, Edward S
Grees, Ann E
More Info
April 07, 2017Williamstown, MA1150 Main St$215,000Alden, Cornelia D Bacher NT
Bacher, Marina E
More Info
November 02, 2012Williamstown, MA218 Sand Springs Rd$228,000Aliberti, Thomas J
Aliberti, Cathleen M
Kober, Denise K More Info
September 15, 2015Williamstown, MA1213 Green River Rd$525,000Alison A Case RET
Case, Alison A
Bubriski, Peter D
Spalding, Richard E
More Info
April 03, 2017Williamstown, MA412 N Hemlock Ln #412$260,000Allen W&Marilyn G Rork LT
Rork, Allen W
Fisher, Mary W More Info
October 16, 2012Williamstown, MA120 S Hemlock Ln #120$1,784,000Allen, John T
Allen, Jane B
Wolf T
Levy, Robert E
More Info
July 03, 2018Williamstown, MA419 N Hemlock Ln #419$288,000Allen, Tracy L Colpoys Henry J Est
Costley, Elizabeth R
More Info
June 03, 2016Williamstown, MA28 Charles St$153,000Alpi, Lance T
Alpi, Mia K
Norman Gloria A Est
Norman, Tina I
More Info
May 12, 2016Williamstown, MA738 Simonds Rd$209,675Amoroso, Sam W
Coggins, Sonnet K
Obrien, Charles H More Info
October 19, 2017Williamstown, MA20 Chestnut St$187,000Andenmatten, Timothy R
Andenmatten, Natasha H
Kaatz, Eleanor
Kaatz, Calder
More Info
September 23, 2014Williamstown, MA203 White Oaks Rd$16,000Anderson, Bonnie R Anderson, Kenneth L More Info
April 13, 2018Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$350,000Anderson, Nathaniel S
Starz, Carolyn S
Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
More Info
December 28, 2017Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #D4$163,500Andreatta, David R
Andreatta, Lauren
Covest NT
Scerbo, Robert J
More Info
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