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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
October 19, 2011Williamstown, MA40 Mill St$15,000Scarselletta, Carmella J
Nogueira, Jack B
Berkshire Capital Resourc More Info
October 21, 2011Williamstown, MA170 Lindley Ter$120,000Beaudry, Michael J
Beaudry, Marsha K
Virginia W Davis NT
Sylvester, Kinzer J
More Info
October 25, 2011Williamstown, MA77 Bridges Rd$155,500Sedarbaum, Edward
Cruse, Howard
FHLM More Info
October 28, 2011Williamstown, MA544 Hancock Rd$820,000Islan, Gregory D
Islan, Anne S
Debevoise Betsy D Est
Smith, Virginia S
More Info
November 01, 2011Williamstown, MA24 Lee Ter$405,500Strolle, Carl E
Strolle, Adriane
Driscoll, Frederick
Driscoll, Genevieve B
More Info
November 17, 2011Williamstown, MA1189 N Hoosac Rd$118,500Edwards, Jack R
Johnson, Dawna M
Meacham, Charlotte A More Info
November 29, 2011Williamstown, MA26 Thistle Path #26$210,000Ficke, Hunter H Pohle, Richard A
Pohle, Catherine A
More Info
November 29, 2011Williamstown, MA150 Knolls Rd$211,469FHLM Colen, Leith F
GMAC Mortgage LLC
More Info
December 06, 2011Williamstown, MA36 Thomas St$283,000Crowe, Justin E
Romanick, Christen M
Greene, Carolyn J
Mcallister, James
More Info
December 07, 2011Williamstown, MA150 Knolls Rd$209,900Jones, Christopher H FHLM More Info
December 16, 2011Williamstown, MA40 Linden St #40$325,000Franz, Joseph A
Cooley, Rockwell M
Gramamere LLC More Info
December 16, 2011Williamstown, MA38 Linden St #38$325,000Franz, Joseph A
Cooley, Rockwell M
Gramamere LLC More Info
December 19, 2011Williamstown, MA1399 Green River Rd$900,0001399 Green River Road NT
Andersen, Jon
J William Winding Jr T
Winding, J W
More Info
December 20, 2011Williamstown, MABulkley St$95,000Bartlo, Margaret H
Bartlo, Allen
Humes, Graham
Humes, Elizabeth H
More Info
January 09, 2012Williamstown, MA1000 Simonds Rd$225,000Goff, Bruce J Lemme, Kent D More Info
January 18, 2012Williamstown, MAKeep Hill Rd #1$200,000Trombley, Daniel J Lois G Jay RET
Jay, John C
More Info
January 23, 2012Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, James P Wiles, David K
Bissaillon, Kimberly A
More Info
February 02, 2012Williamstown, MA191 Water St$244,750Gold, Rebecca Redstone Properties Inc More Info
February 01, 2012Williamstown, MAStratton Rd #A2$133,628Greylock FCU Tunnicliffe, Ruth More Info
February 03, 2012Williamstown, MA174 White Oaks Rd$225,000Scheckler, Gregory J
Christensen, Laura M
General RT
Smith, Gerard J
More Info
February 13, 2012Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$75,000Rotolo, Thomas J Taylor, Janet L More Info
February 23, 2012Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #A2$85,000Moresi Commercial Invest Greylock FCU More Info
March 02, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ide Rd$1,075,000Bath, Julie A Williamstown SB More Info
February 28, 2012Williamstown, MA17 May St$115,000Dostal, Michael O
Dostal, Megan J
Depew, Maureen F
Huban, Valerie R
More Info
March 16, 2012Williamstown, MA144 Lindley Ter$265,000Gordon, Aaron B
Gordon, Christina C
Brewer, Robert J
Brewer, Dorothy A
More Info
March 16, 2012Williamstown, MA35 School St$585,000Igoe, Kathleen
Igoe, Jonathan P
Strawbridge, Geoffrey D
Strawbridge, Jill B
More Info
March 14, 2012Williamstown, MA134 Bridges Rd$194,900Costley, Elizabeth R Igoe, Jonathan
Igoe, Kathleen
More Info
March 23, 2012Williamstown, MA20 Chestnut St$95,000Majetich, Eleanor
Kaatz, Calder
USA HUD More Info
March 30, 2012Williamstown, MA668 Simonds Rd$452,500Schaeffer, Michael H
Schaeffer, Angela
Sadlowski, Lynne H More Info
April 13, 2012Williamstown, MA66 Grandview Dr$127,000Kornell, Nathan
Ridberg, Renee
Greene, Mildred
One West Bank FSB
More Info
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