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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
November 16, 2015Williamstown, MA114 Berkshire Dr$345,165Wise FT
Wise, Charlene C
Damon Reed RET
Reed, Damon
More Info
February 26, 2013Williamstown, MA115 Ballou Ln$345,000Munemo, Ngonidzashe
Munemo, Julia M
Ruthven, Todd A
Ruthven, Kerri Ann
More Info
November 13, 2013Williamstown, MA168 Southworth St$340,000Waynick, David A
Waynick, Lisa R
Holden, John C
Holden, Sara L
More Info
September 30, 2019Williamstown, MA7 Manning St$340,000Bianchi, Anthony E
Bianchi, Ashley B
Anderson, Sidney C
Anderson, Patricia P
More Info
August 05, 2019Williamstown, MA31 Belden St$339,000Jensen, Katharine E R C Placenci&M E Troy LT
Placencia, Rick C
More Info
August 10, 2011Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$336,750Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
Follansbee, Brooks W More Info
September 23, 2013Williamstown, MA407 N Hemlock Ln #407$335,000EKC FT
Cattarulla, Elliot R
Kalker Mary E Est
Kalker, Peter W
More Info
May 08, 2014Williamstown, MA11 Meadow St$335,000Vincent P Guntlow IRA
Equity T Co
Metamorphosis Land Design More Info
July 22, 2016Williamstown, MA20 Main St$335,000Stapp, Acy J Berkshire County Props More Info
November 26, 2018Williamstown, MA14 Roaring Brook Rd$335,000Molin, Douglas R
Mowinski, Melanie A
Smith, Peter S
Smith, Jane D
More Info
January 30, 2020Williamstown, MA85 Harmon Pond Rd$335,000Robert E Wiesenberger T
Wiesenberger, Robert E
Rouse, Regina M More Info
June 29, 2018Williamstown, MA118 Lindley Ter$334,500Edwards, Carole
Nevarez, Sandra M
Sekkal, A Kacem More Info
January 08, 2018Williamstown, MA214 Hopper Rd$334,000Gillis, Meghan
Campbell, Jillian
Long Acre NT
Guernsey, Sherwood
More Info
August 30, 2013Williamstown, MA21 Cluett Dr$332,000Skinner, Andrew J
Skinner, Elizabeth C
Wikander NT
Wikander, Frederick W
More Info
May 02, 2012Williamstown, MA523 Hancock Rd$331,500Woodward, William Wallace, Thomas J
Wallace, Mary-delia J
More Info
July 18, 2013Williamstown, MA1541 Green River Rd #1541$330,125Jennings, Paul D
Jennings, Lisa K
Ross, Valerie C More Info
February 17, 2011Williamstown, MA94 Cole Ave$330,000Dougherty, Kevin J
Dougherty, Moira R
Johnson, Marylou V More Info
August 22, 2013Williamstown, MA62 New Ashford Rd$330,000Goodrich, D F
Jennings, Erin K
Walley, Geli P More Info
April 03, 2015Williamstown, MA2189 Green River Rd$330,000Nelson, Marianne Conklin, Peter S
Conklin, Susan M
More Info
November 30, 2015Williamstown, MA319 Hancock Rd$330,000Lemieux, Jason R
Lemieux, Rachel A
Mcgill Family LP More Info
June 15, 2018Williamstown, MA20 Maple St$330,000Hoey, Nathan D
Hoey, Kristina L
Berkshire County Props More Info
March 16, 2020Williamstown, MA404 North St$330,000Mervine, Zakary R
Borner, Georgia G
Pacelli, Allison More Info
June 28, 2013Williamstown, MA277 Syndicate Rd$329,000Finch, David Z
Howard, Erica
Burger, Edward B More Info
January 17, 2018Williamstown, MA46 Benlise Dr$326,000Greenberg, Daniel R Mathews, Nancy M
Montecino, Ingrid R
More Info
October 14, 2011Williamstown, MA406 N Hemlock Ln #406$325,000Scofield, Edward A
Scofield, Lynda
Kessinger, Barbara I
Kessinger, John R
More Info
December 16, 2011Williamstown, MA40 Linden St #40$325,000Franz, Joseph A
Cooley, Rockwell M
Gramamere LLC More Info
December 16, 2011Williamstown, MA38 Linden St #38$325,000Franz, Joseph A
Cooley, Rockwell M
Gramamere LLC More Info
January 23, 2013Williamstown, MA84 Benlise Dr$325,000Swartz, Michael L
Swartz, Patricia R
Spencer, Gary L
Spencer, Denise M
More Info
October 03, 2014Williamstown, MA460 Main St$325,000Olympic Pizza Family Rest Charles M&T Nikitas T
Shaw, Theresa N
More Info
September 14, 2015Williamstown, MA341 Luce Rd$325,000Rodman, Susan S
Rodman, Dell R
RSB Properties LLC More Info
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