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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
October 26, 2012Williamstown, MA37 Main St$234,000Briggs, Timothy
Briggs, Alecia J
Northern Berkshire Habit More Info
June 03, 2016Williamstown, MA28 Charles St$153,000Alpi, Lance T
Alpi, Mia K
Norman Gloria A Est
Norman, Tina I
More Info
April 30, 2015Williamstown, MA133 Candlewood Dr$350,000Dubendorf, Donald R Nolan, James L
Nolan, Catherine E
More Info
July 01, 2015Williamstown, MA788 Main St$620,500Dekel, Edan I
Dekel, Alexis N
Noble, John H
Hadfield, Susan E
More Info
October 10, 2017Williamstown, MA290 Pine Cobble Rd$410,500Williams College Nesbitt, Richard L
Nesbitt, Elizabeth J
More Info
April 01, 2015Williamstown, MA163 Cole Ave$583,000Fippinger, Randal
Watts, Emily C
Nelson, Marianne
Nelson, Stephen H
More Info
January 08, 2020Williamstown, MA130 Henderson Rd$41,350Pensco T Co LLC Nationstar Mortgage LLC More Info
June 12, 2013Williamstown, MA893 N Hoosac Rd$200,000Lawrence, Stephen Narula, Tarun
Narula, Simmi
More Info
December 31, 2012Williamstown, MA295 Main St$740,000Krishiv LLC Narula Realty LLC More Info
April 03, 2014Williamstown, MA260 South St$364,333Sarah Hart Petersen T
Peterson, Sarah H
Nancy W Hart RET
Smith, Susan H
More Info
July 07, 2016Williamstown, MA575 Water St$425,000Samuelson House LLC Nancy B Samuelson RET
Samuelson, Nancy B
More Info
February 28, 2020Williamstown, MA20 Longview Ter$582,500Fitzgibbons, Kristy Namkoong, Suk
Namkoong, Maureen A
More Info
July 27, 2018Williamstown, MA213 White Oaks Rd$147,500Boyer, Nathan
Thompson, Anne
Myers, Susan More Info
May 06, 2020Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #E3$124,000Tocci, Nicholas F
Schumacher, Kevin
Murray, Jeffrey J More Info
July 21, 2017Williamstown, MA36 Cobbleview Rd$135,000Taratus, Mark Murphy, Ronald T More Info
June 21, 2013Williamstown, MA841 Hancock Rd$305,000Peter S Kapiloff RET
Kapiloff, Peter S
Muriel Sirken RET
Sirken, Anrienne L
More Info
May 10, 2018Williamstown, MA221 S Hemlock Ln #221$137,000Dragat, Linda B Murdock, Robert W
Murdock, Barbara H
More Info
October 11, 2013Williamstown, MA711 Main St$620,000Leinbaugh, Erryn M
Chelukhova, Alla A
Munzer, J A
Demarco, Marianne I
More Info
August 21, 2015Williamstown, MA37 Willshire Dr$150,000Reardon, Michael B
Wolf, Autumn A
Moruzzi, Carlo J
Moruzzi, Margaret A
More Info
November 20, 2015Williamstown, MA10 Ide Rd$625,000Howard, Russell W
Howard, Christina L
Morse FT
Morse, Julie S
More Info
June 10, 2019Williamstown, MA57 Harrison Ave$160,000Mcconnell, Matthew S Morrison, James
Morrison, Linda
More Info
June 29, 2015Williamstown, MA136 Luce Rd$178,000Hatch-Blauvelt, Courtney
Blauvelt, Gerrit L
Morris, Kathleen M More Info
August 31, 2015Williamstown, MA61 Moorland St$433,003Stroud, Nicholas S
Stroud, Catherine B
Morgan, Frank More Info
May 18, 2016Williamstown, MA60 Main St$4,702,525Williamstown Town Of Morgan MHP Mass LLC More Info
November 25, 2015Williamstown, MA180 Chestnut St$295,000Sills, Robert A Moose Hill NT
Menkel, Anthony M
More Info
October 05, 2018Williamstown, MA1020 Simonds Rd$384,000Benson, Ashley P
Benson, Kathryn P
Moore, Laura M More Info
December 04, 2015Williamstown, MA68 South St$725,000Williams College Montiel, Peter J
Purcell-Montiel, Susan
More Info
July 17, 2013Williamstown, MA73 Water St$100,000Montepare, James E Montepare, John W More Info
August 06, 2014Williamstown, MA229 S Hemlock Ln #229$138,300Clark Chapman T
English, David M
Mohler, Edwin E More Info
November 15, 2019Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #G6$152,000Peters, Bryan MLCC Properties LLC More Info
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