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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 25, 2016Williamstown, MA280 Pine Cobble Rd$427,000Tokeshi, Matthew
Tokeshi, Cristina
Williams College More Info
August 15, 2016Williamstown, MA620 Pine Cobble Rd$535,000Koralesky, Barron
Juneau, Michelle
Williams College More Info
June 16, 2017Williamstown, MA380 Pine Cobble Rd$390,000Young-Cook, Mea
Powell, Hugh D
Williams College More Info
July 13, 2017Williamstown, MA401 Pine Cobble Rd$427,500Roberts, Neil D
Barrow, Karima E
Williams College More Info
May 29, 2019Williamstown, MA261 Pine Cobble Rd$415,000Constantine, Jose A
Constantine, Candice R
Williams College More Info
June 20, 2019Williamstown, MA224 Pine Cobble Rd$435,000Wachala, Katherine Williams College More Info
August 14, 2019Williamstown, MA735 Pine Cobble Rd$355,000Bailey-Fischer, Valerie D Williams College More Info
March 09, 2020Williamstown, MA66 Jerome Dr$300,000Reinhard, Lars
Reinhard, Calye
Williams College More Info
March 13, 2020Williamstown, MA290 Pine Cobble Rd$422,500Phelan, Gregory B
Phelan, Joann Y
Williams College More Info
December 10, 2014Williamstown, MA19 Windflower Way #19$230,000Connolly, Thomas J
Connolly, Linda
William E Grennon NT
Grennon, Elizabeth A
More Info
August 03, 2011Williamstown, MAGale Rd$700Willmott, Peter S William College T More Info
August 03, 2012Williamstown, MA104 Forest Rd$521,000Mulhern, Donald
Ohara, Mary B
William B Roberts FT
Cohen, Lawrence B
More Info
June 11, 2018Williamstown, MA112 Stratton Rd$435,000Dicianno, Armando J
Dicianno, Candace L
William A Miner LT
Miner, Shanah E
More Info
July 10, 2015Williamstown, MA654 Main St$99,000Belair, Philomene H
Belair, Richard D
Wilkinson, Cindy L More Info
July 25, 2012Williamstown, MA40 Mason St$130,000Flynn, Jacqueline K Wiles, Phyllis D More Info
January 23, 2012Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, James P Wiles, David K
Bissaillon, Kimberly A
More Info
August 30, 2013Williamstown, MA21 Cluett Dr$332,000Skinner, Andrew J
Skinner, Elizabeth C
Wikander NT
Wikander, Frederick W
More Info
December 03, 2012Williamstown, MA42 Hoxsey St$165,000Bubriski, Wanda A
Bubriski, Peter D
Whole Wholesome Group NT
Bubriski, Wanda A
More Info
July 30, 2019Williamstown, MAStone Hill Rd$238,000Thoman, John W
Venolia, Lee T
Whole Wholesome Group NT
Bubriski, Kevin E
More Info
December 30, 2015Williamstown, MA264 Luce Rd$187,000Sher, Jeffrey E
Sher, Robin T
Whitney, Carolyn D More Info
July 19, 2019Williamstown, MA16 Grundy Ct$375,000ENL LLC Whitney, Bruce L More Info
September 14, 2018Williamstown, MA303 Stratton Rd$1,095,000Howe, James
Howe, June
Werner Gundersheimer T
Gundersheimer, Werner
More Info
August 28, 2017Williamstown, MA44 Linden St$200,000Washburn, Donald E Werkman, Sidney R
Werkman, Sarah
More Info
February 22, 2011Williamstown, MA337 Luce Rd$300,000Kristin Allen Intervivo T
Allen, James A
Welsh NT
Welsh, Carole C
More Info
September 13, 2011Williamstown, MA490 North St$148,962USA VA Wells Fargo Bank NA More Info
April 25, 2017Williamstown, MA273 North St$17,500Giordano, Elizabeth R Webb, Thomas E More Info
November 28, 2018Williamstown, MA432 White Oaks Rd$60,000VJC TL RET
Christoff, Vangle
Way, Denise M
Jones, Kathleen
More Info
May 15, 2012Williamstown, MA975 N Hoosac Rd$184,000Gutschow, Kim Warren, Christopher S
Johns, Amy
More Info
July 15, 2013Williamstown, MA158 Sand Springs Rd$450,000Sand Springs Recreational Wampanaug Spring Inc More Info
November 26, 2012Williamstown, MA130 Woodstock Rd$390,000Armentrout, Bruce W Walvoord T
Walvoord, Barbara E
More Info
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