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Hoosac Valley Kindergarten: How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey
Community Submission,
08:00AM / Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Kindergartners in Heather Emerson's class pose with their Pilgrims and a turkey encouraging vegetarianism.

Children in Poirot's class recreated the Mayflower.
ADAMS, Mass. — The kindergarten classes of Heather Emerson and Robin Poirot at Hoosac Valley Elementary are again offering their knowledge on where to get a turkey how to cook it. 
From Cheerio stuffing to proper time and temperature — anywhere from 4 minutes to six days at at least 6 degrees — these children offer a range of recipes for a Thanksgiving turkey. 
The photos in the story are from Poirot's class. The main photo at the top is from Emerson's class. 
By Robin Poirot's Kindergarten Class
Hoosac Valley Elementary School
Elliot Girard
When I buy the turkey, it will be 2 pounds and about as big a Pilgrim kid. Mommy will cook it because she cooks everything. She is a good cook. She will put whipped cream on it and then cook it for 10 minutes at 50 degrees because she needs it hot. When it starts to look like a turkey it will be done!
Cooper Stentiford
My grampa will hunt for the turkey in the woods near our house. He will find it somewhere near a tree. It will probably be about 67 pounds so I will help him put it in a wagon and bring it home. We will cook it for 6 hours at 70 degrees.
Jackson Kirchner
I'll bet we will get our turkey in the woods where it is probably hiding. My dad is really tall so he will find it in the tall grass. When he brings it home we will stuff it with pepper and cook it for 900 seconds at a million degrees. It will be crusty so I won't eat it. I will have nachos with cheese instead!
Sylvia Mach
We will get a medium sized turkey which is about 5 pounds. She will cook it for 53 seconds at 6 degrees. I don't like all the parts sticking off of it, so mom cuts off all the bad bones and then I eat the rest.
Kiersten Hartwig
We will get our 6 pound turkey at Walmart. When we bring it home we will stuff it with a small chicken and a few potatoes. It will cook for 6 whole days at 4 degrees. We will put chocolate pudding on top of it and eat it.
Ava Liebenow
We will buy our 10 pound turkey at Big Y. Mama will stuff it with cookies and cupcakes. It will cook for 5 hours at 2 degrees. It will be delicious when we eat it.
Troy Winslow
We will get our turkey in a barn. We will need a big 10 pound one. The farm keepers will make him sleep so I can carry it for my family. We will choke him until we can cook him. Only mom and dad can touch the stove so they will put salt and pepper on it and cook it for 10 minutes for lots of hotness time.
Paige Tetrault
We will get a 90 pound turkey and throw it in the trunk of our car. When we get home, dad will carry it in on his shoulders. We will stuff it with brownies. After that, we will cook it at 70 degrees for 90 minutes.
Everly Todd
Nana will get our turkey at Stop and Shop. She will probably have to kill it first. It will be as big as a cow which weighs about 54 pounds. It will need to cook for 30 hours. We will have it with oranges and asparagus!
Jacoby Gerhardt
We will get our turkey at a turkey store of course. When it is running around the store, I will catch it and trap it in my Batman blanket. It will be as big as a hippo and will only weigh about 40 pounds. We have to chop the head off and rip the feathers out.  After I take all of the organs out, I will wash my hands and then cook it for 4 minutes at 470 degrees. We will pour ranch dressing and olives on it and then eat it.
Bryce Simken
We will buy our turkey for 40 cents at Big Y. It will be as tall as a refrigerator and it will weigh 1 pound. Mommy will stuff Cheerios inside of it and then stir the turkey with a spoon. She will put it in the oven for 2 minutes at 15 degrees.

Ryder Lutz
We will get our turkey in the woods. If I see one walking around, I'll just pick one up, bring him home and put him in the oven. If he doesn't want to go. I will convince him somehow. He will weigh about 5 pounds. I'll put some good sprinkles all over him. We will turn the oven on for 25 degrees and cook him for 15 minutes. I'll eat it with chicken and broccoli.
Will Chapman
I will cook the turkey with Shay and we will put rings on it. It will cook for 5 degrees on Sunday for 1 hour. I love eating with my family.
Peyton Crane
Bampa shoots our turkey with some of his friends. First we have to take off the wings and the head. We put the rest in a big pot. No feathers though! Bampa cooks it for about 70 hours at 50 degrees. When Bamma yells, "Turkey's ready!" we all line up for turkey.
Dominic Arnold
We are going to my Papa's for Thanksgiving. My papa and I will hunt for it together. We use a bow and arrow. It will be about as big as my dog which is about 6 pounds. We put grease all over it and cook it for 6 minutes. When it is done, I eat it with some kind of red things, oh yes, it's cranberry sauce. Yum!!!
Cody Robillard
Our turkey will be about 9 or 10 feet tall and really fat, about 8 meters wide. We stick those little square things all over the sides of it and it melts into juice. It cooks for about 11 degrees for 14 minutes.
Mila Juras
My gram gives us our turkey. It is about as big as my head and weighs about 30 pounds. When the second people get to our house it is almost done. We cook it at about 7 degrees for a little while  and then when the third person comes it is time to eat!
Alice Milne
Nana will get our turkey at Big Y and it will weigh 9 pounds and be as big as a rock. After we salt it, we will cook it for 5 minutes at 40 degrees. It will be stuffed with mashed potatoes and we will eat it all.
By Heather Emerson's Kindergarten
Hoosac Valley Elementary School
Nadine Daniels
The turkey comes from a field at the farm. Dad picks it out from the field. Then he cooks it on the grill at my house. He cooks it with seasoning and puts it on a plate. All around the plate he puts vegetables, like carrots and lettuce. He grills it for 14 hours. I like sitting with my family eating it.
Matthew Bartlett
My dad actually just cooks it on top of the oven. He gets the turkey from Big Y. He puts Kickin' Chicken on it and just regular chicken seasoning. He cooks it on top of the oven for 20 minutes. The timer beeps letting him know its ready. He passes plates, spoons and cups around. Then he puts the turkey on the plates. We have mashed potatoes with it. My favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner is dessert. Sour Skittles are my favorite dessert.
Connor G. Gajda
The turkey comes from the bucket. The children put it in the bucket. Mommy buys it. Mommy cooks it. We use an oven to cook it. She cooks it for 10 minutes at 0 degrees. Then she takes it out of the oven. She shares the turkey with everyone. I like to eat chips and Doritos at Thanksgiving also milk.
Bella Crockwell
Mom gets the turkey from Walmart. The turkey is ten pounds. She brings it to our house to cook it. She cooks it on the stove. She cooks it for 9 minutes at medium. She knows it ready because Daddy tells her. Then she puts it on a big plate. We have mashed potatoes and chicken with it. I like to eat turkey and mashed potatoes. I like Thanksgiving.

Tyler Mott
Uncle Matt shoots it in the forest. He walks around for a long time. He carries it in his armpit from the forest. He brings it to his house to cook it. He cooks it on the stove. He doesn't put anything on it before he cooks it. He cooks it for 10 minutes at 3 degrees. The timer beeps so he knows it is ready. He eats it after he takes off the feathers. He shares it with my whole family. We eat mashed potatoes and corn with it. I like to eat watermelon at Thanksgiving, that's my favorite.
Madilyn Colvin
Daddy gets the turkey for us, I think. He gets it at the store, Walmart. We go to my grandma's house and she cooks it. She cooks it in an oven for 25 minutes at 45 degrees. She knows it is ready because the oven beeps. She takes it out and puts it on a plate. Then we eat it! We eat it with fork! We eat mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and I think that is all. I like to eat the turkey.
Lucas Dellaghelfa
It comes from the wild. My dad gets if from the wild. The wild behind my house. He goes out hunting for it. He goes with my Papa. After they shoot it they bring it to my house. My mom cooks it. She puts soap on it, I don't know what kind of soup. She then puts it in the oven. She cooks it 1 minute at 2 degrees. She doesn't do anything to it while it is in the oven. You know it is cooked because it is hot. We eat it with mashed potatoes. Turkey is my favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving.
Steven Burdick
The turkey comes from I think Walmart. Mom buys it from the workers. Then she pays for it. She brings it home to cook it. It is big, 55 pounds. She cooks it everytime at home in the kitchen. She cooks it on the table. She puts salt on it. It cooks on the table for 2 minutes. You know it is cooked, because I just know. I eat it with a fork and spoon. We also eat chicken nuggets and French fries with it. My favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving is candy.
Michael Malloy Jr.
You get a turkey from the wild. The wild is outside in the jungle next to my house. The hunter gets the turkey from the wild. He puts it in a net. The hunter brings the turkey to his home. Then he brings it in a car to my house. Mommy cooks the turkey at my house. She puts it in the oven for maybe 35 minutes at 100 and 2 degrees. She knows it ready when the timer. The timer beeps when it is done. She takes it out of the oven and then we all eat. But not me I don't like turkey. The only thing I eat on Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes.
Rhiylan Simken
The turkey comes from a farm. A barn in the farm. Mommy gets it out of the barn. She puts it in a basket and brings it home. When she gets it home she cooks it. She cooks it in the stove. She cooks for 5 minutes at 6 degrees. When it beeps she takes it out of the stove. Then we eat it! We eat it with my hands. We eat potatoes with it. Potatoes are my favorite.
Haleigh Levesque
The turkey comes from a farm. I got my turkey from my dad's farm. I don't know where his farm is but I think it right next to his work. He never told me where the farm is, but I am going to ask him tomorrow. It is already killed but we have to take out the heart and lungs. My dad is really good at doing that. He is going to try it because he never did that before. I think this Thanksgiving he is going to put salt on it, I think. Turkeys cook in the oven until 7 p.m. Then my dad takes off the feathers. He removes the feathers gently. I think this Thanksgiving he is going to put up Thanksgiving decorations, even a fake turkey that looks realistic. We eat mashed potatoes, baby carrots and celery with the turkey. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able to play with my cousins. I would play with my Cordeilla cousin. My favorite movie to watch on Thanksgiving is a Thanksgiving movie, "Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving." And my favorite holiday is probably Thanksgiving.
Terrance Jones Jr.
The turkey comes from a cowboy farm. The cowboy farm is down the street from my house. My mom is going to drive my family to the farm to get the turkey. We are going to pick it up and push it in the car. We are going to buckle it in the car and it is going to stay. When we get home we are going to unbuckle it and clean out the car and put the turkey in the kitchen. Then we are going to put it in the pot. We are going to cut up some mashed potatoes and put them in the pot with the turkey. Then we buy some chocolate hearts and flowers for my mom and auntie. I just like to eat the turkey because I don't really like mashed potatoes.
Landan Martindill
Daddy gets the turkey at our house. He gets it from Walmart. The turkey is really big, like 10 pounds. He puts it in the fridge when he gests home. He takes it out of the fridge when it is time to eat. We don't cook it. We eat it warm. It gets warm in the microwave. You cook it in the microwave for one minute. When it comes out of the microwave we eat it with a fork. We don't eat any other food, just turkey. I like playing with cars on Thanksgiving.
Rhyleigh Williams
I think Babci get the turkey from the store. The turkey is 20 huge! She gets it from Walmart. She cooks it in the oven. First she puts salt and pepper on it. She cooks in the oven for 7 minutes at maybe a little hot. She knows it ready when she tells Dzidizu. She makes special Thanksgiving cookies, they are chocolate chip. Then she gets blueberries out of the fridge. When my mom and everyone gets there we eat everything. The cookies are my favorite.
Spencer Michalski
My mom gets the turkey for Thanksgiving in my family. I never saw where my mom gets it from. I think somebody makes it for her. Now I think she buys it from Big Y. I think the turkey is about as big as an octopus' head. After she brings it home from Big Y she lets it cook. She it in the oven for maybe 4 and half minutes at 5 degrees. She doesn't cook it with anything else. We usually just eat the skin. We eat the meat too. We don't eat vegetables with the turkey. I like to usually eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
Ke'Ontre Edwards
Mom gets the turkey from Walmart. She picks any kind. She picks a kinda big and little one. She brings it home in my seat. She cooks it for Thanksgiving. She puts salt only on it. She in the stove for 21 minutes. She cooks mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and dessert. She cooks apple pie for dessert. I like mac and cheese the best. When everything is ready mom feeds everybody.
Hannah Callahan
Grandpa gets the turkey from the store. Shop and Stop. It is big, 1 pound. He cooks it on the stove for 5 minutes. He cooks it with potatoes. My favorite food for Thanksgiving is mashed potatoes.


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