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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
May 20, 2016Williamstown, MA60 Mount Williams Dr$440,000Stetson-Clarke, Susan Dagruma, Daniel N
Dagruma, Hallie D
More Info
April 06, 2021Williamstown, MA152 Meacham St #152$440,000Williams College Epstein, Daniel
Epstein, Betsey
More Info
July 20, 2018Williamstown, MA230 Pine Cobble Rd$439,375William College Tr Volpi, Robert P
Volpi, Gail A
More Info
July 28, 2015Williamstown, MA14 Holly Ln$439,000Mcconnell, Matthew S
Mcconnell, Helaine C
Rand, S R
Pask, Kelly M
More Info
September 06, 2016Williamstown, MA35 Prospect St$438,950Shapiro, George D
Shapiro, Louann
Stetson-Clarke, Susan More Info
August 05, 2016Williamstown, MA430 Henderson Rd$435,000Bass, Mark H
Bass, Nancy D
Wise, Charlene C
Wise, Alfred J
More Info
June 11, 2018Williamstown, MA112 Stratton Rd$435,000Dicianno, Armando J
Dicianno, Candace L
William A Miner LT
Miner, Shanah E
More Info
June 20, 2019Williamstown, MA224 Pine Cobble Rd$435,000Wachala, Katherine Williams College More Info
May 05, 2017Williamstown, MA72 Buxton Hill Rd$433,800Carr, Eileen M Joseph, Barbara A More Info
August 31, 2015Williamstown, MA61 Moorland St$433,003Stroud, Nicholas S
Stroud, Catherine B
Morgan, Frank More Info
August 01, 2016Williamstown, MA224 Pine Cobble Rd$432,250Williams College Bolton, Sarah R
Soloman, Ari
More Info
December 16, 2015Williamstown, MA1237 NW Hill Rd$430,000Daniel, Anne M
Pethica, James L
Fippinger, Randal More Info
December 16, 2015Williamstown, MA1225 Nw Hill Rd$430,000Daniel, Anne M
Pethica, James L
Fippinger, Randal More Info
October 24, 2017Williamstown, MA36 Haley St$430,000Turek, Daniel
Turek, Jennifer
Staneff, Stephen T
Staneff, Laura D
More Info
July 13, 2017Williamstown, MA401 Pine Cobble Rd$427,500Roberts, Neil D
Barrow, Karima E
Williams College More Info
July 25, 2016Williamstown, MA280 Pine Cobble Rd$427,000Tokeshi, Matthew
Tokeshi, Cristina
Williams College More Info
December 10, 2014Williamstown, MA284 Sand Springs Rd$425,000Vyas, Minalben K
Vyas, Sonalben K
Govardhan Krupa Inc More Info
July 07, 2016Williamstown, MA575 Water St$425,000Samuelson House LLC Nancy B Samuelson RET
Samuelson, Nancy B
More Info
October 20, 2017Williamstown, MA61 Hancock Rd$425,000Elder, Thomas J
Elder, Jaime L
Clarke-Gerrity, Ann E More Info
November 01, 2017Williamstown, MA75 Hill Province Rd$425,000Kemple, David P
Kemple, Suzanne G
Adelson, Leonard E
Adelson, Patricia L
More Info
March 12, 2014Williamstown, MA341 Luce Rd$423,748RSB Properties LLC Masson, Laura L
Mountainone Bank
More Info
March 13, 2020Williamstown, MA290 Pine Cobble Rd$422,500Phelan, Gregory B
Phelan, Joann Y
Williams College More Info
July 02, 2018Williamstown, MA61 Ide Rd$422,000Mandel, Marc S
Mandel, Jessie R
Clarke, Jau A More Info
May 18, 2021Williamstown, MA510 Pine Cobble Rd$420,000Thuronyi, Benjamin
Sauvain, Katherine
Williams College More Info
August 06, 2021Williamstown, MA118 Sloan Rd$420,000Mckeon, Thomas D Bryan, John R More Info
July 29, 2013Williamstown, MA20 Harrison Ave$416,500Dudley, William C Daniels, Peter
Daniels, Melanie
More Info
August 02, 2011Williamstown, MA41 Lee Ter$415,000Majetich, Stephen D
Majetich, Laureen
Hooks, Gertrude E More Info
March 27, 2013Williamstown, MA1059 N Hoosac Rd$415,000Easton, James A Tillou, Michael M
Huton, Lara D
More Info
May 29, 2019Williamstown, MA261 Pine Cobble Rd$415,000Constantine, Jose A
Constantine, Candice R
Williams College More Info
June 17, 2019Williamstown, MA100 Southworth St$415,000Craig, Thomas
Rork, Jennifer
Donald Deb Beaver RET
Beaver, Donald D
More Info
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