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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 19, 2011Williamstown, MA50 Berkshire Dr$182,500Sekkal, Lamia Rushbrook, Sandra C More Info
October 22, 2018Williamstown, MA234 Ide Rd$575,000Salvadore, Arthur A
Finn, William A
Rudolph Dorothy D Est
Cushman, Lisa R
More Info
September 08, 2021Williamstown, MA751 Henderson Rd$207,500Sweet, Robert M Ruble, Thomas B
Ruble, Alice M
More Info
September 14, 2015Williamstown, MA341 Luce Rd$325,000Rodman, Susan S
Rodman, Dell R
RSB Properties LLC More Info
March 09, 2017Williamstown, MA774 Simonds Rd$142,000Rickert, Tyler H
Rickert, Amanda L
RSB Properties LLC More Info
September 16, 2020Williamstown, MA684 N Hoosac Rd$49,000Couture, Rebecca A RSB Properties LLC More Info
December 05, 2018Williamstown, MA114 White Oaks Rd$185,000Karha, Rita M Roy, Jeanne M More Info
July 09, 2021Williamstown, MA37 Hamel Ave$255,000Dempsey, Brian K
Randall, Meghan E
Roy, Gail L
VanSlycke, Dana B
More Info
January 30, 2020Williamstown, MA85 Harmon Pond Rd$335,000Robert E Wiesenberger T
Wiesenberger, Robert E
Rouse, Regina M More Info
June 04, 2012Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$203,500Rohald, Amy G
Rohald, Gil
Rotolo, Thomas J More Info
May 15, 2013Williamstown, MA65 Jerome Dr$275,000Chavoya, C O Ross-Davall, Patricia More Info
May 28, 2020Williamstown, MA1039 Cold Spring Rd$178,000Kline, Travis L
Martin, Elizabeth V
Ross, William C
Ross, Kerry L
More Info
July 18, 2013Williamstown, MA1541 Green River Rd #1541$330,125Jennings, Paul D
Jennings, Lisa K
Ross, Valerie C More Info
August 30, 2021Williamstown, MA116 Buxton Hill Rd$543,000Kaufman, Steven J
Oro, Francine C
Ross, Randall M More Info
May 07, 2021Williamstown, MA15 Forest Rd$608,000Park, Harriet H
Boodry, Kathryn S
Rosenberg, Phyllis More Info
August 09, 2019Williamstown, MA235 S Hemlock Ln #235$151,500Manning, Timothy
Manning, Maureen
Rosen RET
Rosen, Jeanette P
More Info
July 09, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ballou Ln$267,500Barnes, Christopher
Barnes, Tara
Rork, Jennifer More Info
June 30, 2014Williamstown, MA1039 N Hoosac Rd$109,000Harrison, Ellen Roos&Alice Barber NT
Barber, Alice M
More Info
January 12, 2015Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$233,000Harrison, Peter F Rohald, Gil
Rohald, Amy G
More Info
November 17, 2020Williamstown, MA106 Lindley Ter$519,500Mahler, Susan T Rodriguez, Ann-Marie More Info
September 18, 2012Williamstown, MA94 Ide Rd$1,075,000Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
Robinson, Hobart K
Robinson, G I
More Info
August 29, 2017Williamstown, MA245 Bee Hill Rd$520,000Janette Marie Kessler RET
Kessler, Janette M
Robert&Jo Ann Emmons RET
Emmons, Robert
More Info
April 01, 2011Williamstown, MA476 Main St$665,697Ripan LLC Ritu LLC More Info
July 26, 2013Williamstown, MA213 White Oaks Rd$101,500Greylock FCU
Gelinas, Amy R
Rio Investments LLC
Greylock FCU
More Info
September 26, 2013Williamstown, MA349 Syndicate Rd$120,000Bergeron, David W
Bergeron, Deborah K
Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
More Info
September 10, 2015Williamstown, MA94 Ide Rd$1,075,000Cellana, Daniel F
Cellana, Rebecca G
Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
More Info
August 31, 2021Williamstown, MA1120 Main St$619,000Bandy, Patrick T Riley, Donna L More Info
August 06, 2021Williamstown, MA60 Mountain View St$350,000Rosher, Kyle G
Vinik-Rosher, Jessica
Rickert Lois Lindley Est
Rosher, Wendy
More Info
August 13, 2015Williamstown, MA42 Harrison Ave$140,000Lovett, David A Richer, Jean F More Info
December 20, 2018Williamstown, MA164 Lindley Ter$216,000Holey, Gordon R
Holey, Jennifer J
Richards, John D
Richards, Barbara A
More Info
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