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Letter: Letter to Williamstown Board of Selectmen
Letter to the Editor,
04:00PM / Thursday, March 21, 2024
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To the Editor:

To the members of the Williamstown Board of Selectmen:

First of all, let us say thank you for your commitment to this community. Williamstown is a well-run town, and you should be proud of your contribution.

That being said, we are distressed to hear that you are planning to make a statement on behalf of the community regarding the Hamas/Israel war. In our opinion, this goes far beyond your mandate as selectpersons. You were elected because of your perceived qualifications to run the affairs of this small town.

You were not elected to pretend to represent the opinion of us or any other member of this community concerning international affairs, and it would be presumptuous on your part to do so. Williamstown is not a monolithic community. Opinions about this war differ widely depending on background, heritage, family history, knowledge of the facts and other factors.

For the town to take an official position on this conflict, no matter which side, will only serve to divide the community. Moreover, it would only be a "feel-good" action and do nothing to truly further world peace. Peace begins right here at home, with respect for the sensibilities of the entire community, and that is our responsibility.

If the members of the board want to make a difference, then they, like everyone else, can bombard their national representatives — those who can really make a difference — with messages stating their views, and if they are not happy with those representatives, they can vote them out. The threat of being voted out of office is a large-sized prod for any elected official.

In reading reports of the Select Board meetings, we can see how this issue already divides the town. Please do not be bullied into making statements on behalf of Williamstown concerning this or any other geo-political issue that clearly lies outside of your mandate as selectmen.

Respectfully yours,

Barbara Gallo, Gay Scarborough, Jane Peth, Jean Queen
Williamstown, Mass. 



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