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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 09, 2022Williamstown, MA533 Cold Spring Rd$246,500Hopkins, Mark Williams, Janice V More Info
September 09, 2022Williamstown, MADeer Ridge Run$350,000Greylock Land LLC Gallop, James R More Info
September 07, 2022Williamstown, MA56 Hawthorne Rd$706,000S Kealhofer&J A Luck FT
Kealhofer, Stephen
Sachs, Jay B
Devoe, Mary E
More Info
September 01, 2022Williamstown, MA37 Jamieson Hts$525,000Martin, Matthew S
Simko, Christina E
Hodges, Jennifer L
Foster, Valerie A
More Info
August 31, 2022Williamstown, MA116 S Hemlock Ln #116$273,000Adamczyk, Nancy B
Adamczyk, Stanley G
Kalker, Katherine More Info
August 26, 2022Williamstown, MA17 Holly Ln$300,000Kostyk, Dennis M
Alexander, Caroline
Steinerfilm Inc More Info
August 26, 2022Williamstown, MA21 Berkshire Dr$501,000Anderson, Jonathan W
Johnson, Vida B
Pieprzak, Kashia M
Gold, Matthew A
More Info
August 25, 2022Williamstown, MA229 Cole Ave$740,000Gold, Matthew A
Pieprzak, Kashia M
Westerdahl, Martha More Info
August 25, 2022Williamstown, MA416 N Hemlock Ln #416$352,000Gorson, David M John W Chandler T
Chandler, John W
More Info
August 22, 2022Williamstown, MA136 S Hemlock Ln #136$260,000Alcaro, Mario
Alcaro, Teresa
Moskowitz RT
Moskowitz, David
More Info
August 19, 2022Williamstown, MA255 Hancock Rd$2,500,000Goodman, Ross S
Goodman, Janice H
Macdonald, Bruce
Macdonald, Julie
More Info
August 18, 2022Williamstown, MA295 Hancock Rd$1,295,000Hancock NT
Lipton, Howard
Wells, Andrew S
Preston-Wells, Lauren
More Info
August 15, 2022Williamstown, MA430 Henderson Rd$710,000Gilfillan, Christopher J
Gilfillan, Stacey L
Bass FT
Bass, Mark H
More Info
August 12, 2022Williamstown, MA20 Lindley Ter$580,000Voisin, Sarah P Way, Cynthia H More Info
August 11, 2022Williamstown, MA2189 Green River Rd$677,0002189 Green Riv Rd Eat LLC Nelson, Marianne More Info
August 09, 2022Williamstown, MA31 White Oaks Rd$395,000Shaw, Kelly Mcmahon, Matthew M
Mcmahon, Stephanie A
More Info
August 08, 2022Williamstown, MA2167 Green River Rd$705,000Hand, Katherine
Brogan, Matthew
Nancy Sheridan Kojima RET
Kojima, Nancy S
More Info
August 05, 2022Williamstown, MA405 N Hemlock Ln #405$400,000Moskowitz RT
Moskowitz, David
White, Allison H More Info
August 04, 2022Williamstown, MA1250 Simonds Rd$77,750Horn, Christopher S
Smolinski, Paulina K
Duguay, Jacqueline A More Info
August 01, 2022Williamstown, MA24 Water St #1$485,000Williams College Donovan, Deborah A More Info
August 01, 2022Williamstown, MA24 Water St$485,000Williams College Dobovan, Deborah A More Info
July 29, 2022Williamstown, MA227 Sand Springs Rd$285,000Pfisterer, Miriam Shiyah, Jane A More Info
July 27, 2022Williamstown, MA782 N Hoosac Rd$270,000Stant, Kevin J Kennedy, John M
Kennedy, Mary C
More Info
July 27, 2022Williamstown, MA26 Cobbleview Rd$295,000Protz, Bonnie M Auer, Sonya K
Bassar, Ronald D
More Info
July 22, 2022Williamstown, MA446 White Oaks Rd$670,000Wilkes, Alastair J
Wilkes, Mary R
Lee-Cohen, Benjamin D
Lee-Cohen, Katherine J
More Info
July 22, 2022Williamstown, MA1205 N Hoosac Rd$170,0001205 North Hoosac LLC Morrison, Dale A More Info
July 20, 2022Williamstown, MA160 Forest Rd$815,000Massimiano, Anthony G
Eberhardt, Elizabeth R
Nesterak, Stephen N
Ross, Lydia B
More Info
July 15, 2022Williamstown, MA1025 Simonds Rd$165,0001025 Simonds LLC Taylor, Maura More Info
July 13, 2022Williamstown, MA1191 Main St$616,000Samuel W Smith 2003 RET
Smith, Samuel W
Alcott-Ferger, Mary
Ferger, George E
More Info
July 08, 2022Williamstown, MA33 Hancock Rd$185,000Mottur, Elizabeth B Leone, Donna M More Info
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