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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
November 17, 2023Williamstown, MA160 Water St #106$485,000Marks, Gary
Marks, Cynthia
160 Water LLC More Info
November 16, 2023Williamstown, MA20 Linden St$620,000Hegarty, Caitlin E
Tranfaglia, John M
Mackey, Monica M More Info
November 15, 2023Williamstown, MA17 Bryant St$690,000Rouhi, Leyla
Cassiday, Julie A
Duyne, Gerret V More Info
November 10, 2023Williamstown, MA168 Southworth St$685,000Williams College Waynick, David A
Waynick, Lisa R
More Info
November 09, 2023Williamstown, MA100 Berkshire Dr$675,000Gardiner, Casey K Madden, Judith S More Info
November 09, 2023Williamstown, MA1479 Green River Rd$870,000Wells, Bradley C
Burris, Elizabeth D
Craig, Barbara A More Info
November 08, 2023Williamstown, MA171 North St$320,000Dunton, Shauna O Memorable Getaways LLC More Info
November 03, 2023Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #C1$188,481Ghouse, Gulam Mcguire Phyllis E Est
Wynne, Patrick J
More Info
November 01, 2023Williamstown, MA422 N Hemlock Ln #422$429,000Madden, Judith S Benedict, Gloria R
Benedict, Edward G
More Info
October 30, 2023Williamstown, MA1099 New Ashford Rd$560,000Double P Enterprises LLC Lambert, Charlene E More Info
October 27, 2023Williamstown, MA491 Henderson Rd$1,075,000Peaslee, Garret E Kobrin, Troy
Kobrin, Laura J
More Info
October 24, 2023Williamstown, MA55 Hill Province Rd$645,000Benedict, Edward G
Benedict, Gloria R
Riley Nt
Riley, Donna L
More Info
October 12, 2023Williamstown, MA20 Forest Rd$689,000Frederickson, Katherine
Frederickson, Thomas
Kurowski, Lindsey More Info
October 10, 2023Williamstown, MA160 Water St #210$550,000Carter, Mark 160 Water LLC More Info
October 06, 2023Williamstown, MA211 S Hemlock Ln #211$310,000Swartz, Michael L
Swartz, Patricia R
Poliandro, Leonard A
Poliandro, Ling M
More Info
October 03, 2023Williamstown, MA58 Luce Rd$175,000Ellies Holdings LLC Thomas Sharon Marie Est
Kelly, Matthew J
More Info
October 02, 2023Williamstown, MA170 Sand Springs Rd$435,000Maz Properites LLC Witkowski, Michael S
Witkowski, Christine L
More Info
September 29, 2023Williamstown, MAPotter Rd$185,000Greylock Land LLC Cicarelli Lydia Est
Cicarelli, Paula J
More Info
September 28, 2023Williamstown, MA15 Orchard Ln$344,900Yanowski, Dennis R
Yanowski, Camille M
Carter, Timothy M
Carter, Nicole M
More Info
September 28, 2023Williamstown, MA45 Buxton Hill Rd$682,500Holmes, Jeffrey D
Holmes, Linda A
Colonna, Joseph P
Colonna, Isabel W
More Info
September 28, 2023Williamstown, MA762 Main St$635,000Hotaling, Eric J
Hoellrich, Susan P
Payne, Michael C
Payne, Cynthia D
More Info
September 25, 2023Williamstown, MASloan Rd$248,000Newbound, Christopher S
Herring, Amy A
Friedman-Newbound T
Friedman, Mitchell
More Info
September 20, 2023Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #G3$220,000Lau, Andrzej
Karwowska-Lau, Eulalia
Kaftan, Adam P
Kaftan, Samantha L
More Info
September 20, 2023Williamstown, MA156 Ide Rd$1,675,000Kendall, W C
Kendall, Kathryn M
Weber, Judith E More Info
September 19, 2023Williamstown, MA160 Water St #312$675,000Mitsoff, Martin C
Honeycutt, Brece V
160 Water LLC More Info
September 15, 2023Williamstown, MA45 Old Farm Way$2,699,300Sarah Austell Cart Ft
Cart, Sarah A
Thomsen, Peter H
Thomsen, Laurie J
More Info
September 15, 2023Williamstown, MA321 New Ashford Rd$435,250Russell, Amy Rhodes, Sandra B More Info
September 14, 2023Williamstown, MANW Hill Rd$630,000Bicaj, Aida Mason Ft
Mason, Toby A
More Info
September 14, 2023Williamstown, MA137 Berkshire Dr$432,000Dent, Kerrie C Elder, Thomas G More Info
September 13, 2023Williamstown, MA114 S Hemlock Ln #114$270,000Jakiela, Henry
Jakiela, Ann
Cohen, Gene R
Cox, Donna L
More Info
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