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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
April 07, 2017Williamstown, MANorth St #1B$10,000Bergeron, David W
Bergeron, Deborah K
412 North Street RT
Demayo, Christopher B
More Info
May 22, 2012Williamstown, MANorth St$8,000Bergeron, David W
Bergeron, Deborah K
Chichester, John C More Info
March 16, 2018Williamstown, MAN Hoosac Rd$10,000Pedercini, Craig A
Pedercini, Karen G
Fitzhugh Eugenie H Est
Fitzhugh, Michael A
More Info
April 05, 2021Williamstown, MAN Hoosac Rd$36,000Oshman, David Steele, Dennis R
Steele, Susan J
More Info
October 04, 2019Williamstown, MAMay St #2A$65,000Davis, Keith M Mcalpine, Kenneth B
Mcalpine, Diane L
More Info
October 04, 2019Williamstown, MAMay St #2$65,000Davis, Keith M Mcalpine, Kenneth B
Mcalpine, Diane L
More Info
November 28, 2022Williamstown, MAMay St$100,000Barowy, Daniel W
Gingras, Karen M
Davis, Keith M More Info
September 13, 2023Williamstown, MAMason St$77,000Christensen, James
Christensen, Elyse
Zepka Ft
Zepka, Michael A
More Info
June 02, 2015Williamstown, MAMaple St$57,950Williamstown Affordable Hart, Mary B
Hart, Stephen M
More Info
December 04, 2019Williamstown, MAMain St$525,000Saint Williamstown Hldgs High Meadow Associates NT
Harsch, Paul A
More Info
March 10, 2021Williamstown, MALuce Rd$50,075Four Dog Farm LLC Bay Colony LLC More Info
January 18, 2012Williamstown, MAKeep Hill Rd #1$200,000Trombley, Daniel J Lois G Jay RET
Jay, John C
More Info
July 07, 2017Williamstown, MAKeep Hill Rd$225,000Haureison LLC Daniel Trombley 2006 RET
Trombley, Daniel J
More Info
October 31, 2016Williamstown, MAIde Rd$185,000Fuchs, Michael J
Fuchs, Simone M
Oliver Ramona E Est
Oliver, John E
More Info
January 13, 2017Williamstown, MAIde Rd$200,000Maier, Nancy Dillon, Rita S More Info
November 12, 2020Williamstown, MAIde Rd$153,300Andrews, Christopher Boca NT
Greylock FCU
More Info
May 06, 2021Williamstown, MAIde Rd$252,500Sullivan, Robert G
Sullivan, Sandra H
Fuchs, Michael J
Fuchs, Simone M
More Info
February 10, 2023Williamstown, MAIde Rd$332,500Jacobsohn, Gary J
Michaels, Elizabeth M
Sullivan, Robert G
Sullivan, Sandra H
More Info
February 18, 2011Williamstown, MAHopper Rd$250,000Galusha, James E Low, Josiah O
Low, Penelope I
More Info
September 03, 2015Williamstown, MAHopper Rd$366,887Karen L Shepard RET
Shepard, Karen L
Manchester LT
Obrien, Cynthia M
More Info
September 22, 2016Williamstown, MAHopper Rd$410,000Cushman, Michael P
Cushman, Lisa R
Karen L Shepard RET
Shepard, Karen L
More Info
December 16, 2022Williamstown, MAHolly Ln$50,000Alden, Seth Steinerfilm Inc More Info
February 14, 2019Williamstown, MAHenderson Rd$75,000Cohoon, Jena P Jeana Hayes-Carrier RET
Hayes-Carrier, Jeana
More Info
May 05, 2015Williamstown, MAHancock Rd$275,000Lee Bank Gilden, Lillian
Lee Bank
More Info
December 30, 2016Williamstown, MAHancock Rd$100,000Macdonald, Bruce
Macdonald, Julie
Jacqueline S Descognets T
Descognets, Louis
More Info
January 22, 2018Williamstown, MAHancock Rd$80,000Patten, Michael S Lee Bank More Info
August 03, 2011Williamstown, MAGale Rd$700Willmott, Peter S William College T More Info
September 02, 2021Williamstown, MAGale Rd$270,000Botkin, Stephen
Zwart, Jeanette
Shipley, Ralph T
Gaskill-Shipley, Mary
More Info
December 02, 2015Williamstown, MAFlora Glen Rd$198,000Cohen, Benjamin D
Lee, Katherine J
Klemm, George M
Klemm, Carole E
More Info
October 03, 2016Williamstown, MAFlora Glen Rd$115,000Kraus, Robert D Polumbo, Gary A
Polumbo, Rebecca C
More Info
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