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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 07, 2021Williamstown, MAElm Tree Loop$325,000Garbatini, Todd G
Garbatini, Lucia R
Gould, Paul More Info
November 02, 2022Williamstown, MAElm Tree Loop$340,000Elm Tree Loop LLC PMP NT
Werbel, Robert H
More Info
September 09, 2022Williamstown, MADeer Ridge Run$350,000Greylock Land LLC Gallop, James R More Info
June 02, 2015Williamstown, MACole Ave$57,950Williamstown Affordable Hart, Mary B
Hart, Stephen M
More Info
September 22, 2016Williamstown, MACold Spring Rd$227,000Karen L Shepard RET
Shepard, Karen L
Burns James M Est
Ware, Robert C
More Info
August 25, 2017Williamstown, MACold Spring Rd$90,000Swabey, Charles E
Swabey, Katherine W
Hersey, Janet R
More Info
June 18, 2021Williamstown, MACold Spring Rd$18,000Kelleher, Brian C
Kelleher, Robin P
Holt, Christopher R
Holt, Nicholas A
More Info
June 05, 2023Williamstown, MACold Spring Rd$70,000Keq Cold Spring Road LLC Shepherd, Guy R
Shepherd, Suzanne A
More Info
August 30, 2016Williamstown, MACobbleview Rd$75,000Oneil, Sue A Emmons, Robert
Emmons, Jo A
More Info
December 20, 2013Williamstown, MAChestnut St$210,000Forsen, George E Degooyer, Alan W
Mutongi, Kenda B
More Info
September 23, 2016Williamstown, MACharles St$24,000Greenwald, Peter W Wilson, James
Wilson, Barbara
More Info
December 20, 2011Williamstown, MABulkley St$95,000Bartlo, Margaret H
Bartlo, Allen
Humes, Graham
Humes, Elizabeth H
More Info
December 19, 2012Williamstown, MABrook Rd$2,500Besnard, Philippe Cook, Maureen R More Info
April 02, 2021Williamstown, MABrook Rd$500,000Timbaerau LLC Philippe Besnard RET
Besnard, Philippe
More Info
February 24, 2015Williamstown, MABridges Rd #2$68,000Mcallister, James
Greene, Carolyn J
Daub, Daniel
Daub, Julie A
More Info
February 04, 2011Williamstown, MABlair Rd$30,000Massachusetts Comm Of Galusha, James E More Info
August 06, 2020Williamstown, MABirch Ln$44,500Abate, Vickey J Abate, Victor R More Info
November 26, 2012Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$395,000Karlan, Lynn A Cary-Cummings, Christina More Info
May 19, 2021Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$950,000Svenson, Benjamin Fox, Charles W More Info
December 07, 2021Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$500,000Svenson, Benjamin Paddock, John R
Schwartz, Karen M
More Info
October 24, 2022Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$500,000Svenson, Benjamin Karlan, A Lynn More Info
August 25, 2023Williamstown, MA995 N Hoosac Rd$308,400Reinemann, Eric
Refferty, Colleeen
Therrien, Susan
Labonte, Barbara
More Info
August 21, 2018Williamstown, MA992 Green River Rd$580,000Ororke, Virginia Scherr, Robert
Scherr, Susan
More Info
May 23, 2012Williamstown, MA991 Oblong Rd$475,000Underhill, Robert S
Underhill, Sarah M
Anne W Gordon NT
Gross, Catherine G
More Info
August 29, 2016Williamstown, MA99 Longview Ter$265,000Baldracchi, Angela Joan U Manners T
Manners, David A
More Info
November 09, 2020Williamstown, MA99 Longview Ter$354,000Russell, Jonathon L
Paige, Melissa A
Baldracchi, Angela More Info
May 20, 2015Williamstown, MA99 Buxton Hill Rd$258,000Palmer, Stephen A
Palmer, Erin E
Harvey, George R
Harvey, William L
More Info
August 19, 2015Williamstown, MA988 Hancock Rd$805,000Berman, Bruce M
Berman, Deborah S
Mclucas, Don H More Info
November 08, 2012Williamstown, MA98 Elm St$302,000Marcisz, Christopher W
Shevchenko, Olga
Smith, Gary A
Smith, Jean B
More Info
July 07, 2017Williamstown, MA98 Buxton Hill Rd$472,500Rothschild, Adam
Kaufman, Laura
Zottoli, Steven J
Zottoli, Dorothy A
More Info
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