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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 12, 2015Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$233,000Harrison, Peter F Rohald, Gil
Rohald, Amy G
More Info
December 29, 2021Williamstown, MA93 Candlewood Dr$265,000Florence, Brian A
Florence, Kimberly S
Peter F Harrison T
Harrison, Peter F
More Info
March 26, 2014Williamstown, MA93 Bee Hill Rd$645,000Holland, Kevin M
Holland, Sarah
Santore, Robert B
Santore, Stephanie K
More Info
September 17, 2021Williamstown, MA93 Bee Hill Rd$740,000Benecick, Michael S
Halabi, Fadi F
Holland, Kevin M
Holland, Sarah
More Info
January 20, 2022Williamstown, MA929 Simonds Rd$264,450Greene-Delanghe, Matthew
Greene-Delanghe, K A
Hansen, Sharen S More Info
April 01, 2014Williamstown, MA92 Elm St$176,500Buell, Denise K Serrano, Carlos
Serrano, Roberto A
More Info
August 21, 2017Williamstown, MA912 Cold Spring Rd$604,500Swabey, Charles E
Swabey, Katherine W
Kaczmarczyk, Christina T More Info
January 10, 2013Williamstown, MA910 N Hoosac Rd$150,000Ansari, Bilal
Keyes, Colleen M
Fairley, Paul L
Fairley, Jamie G
More Info
July 25, 2014Williamstown, MA910 N Hoosac Rd$153,000Rowsey, Sherry L
Duffin, Margaret
Ansari, Bilal
Keyes, Colleen M
More Info
February 01, 2022Williamstown, MA910 N Hoosac Rd$245,000Dupras, John E
Dupras, Andrea
Rowsey, Sherry L
Duffin, Margaret R
More Info
May 23, 2016Williamstown, MA91 Main St$162,500Mason, Bradford L 91 Main Street NT
Grande, Steven V
More Info
June 14, 2022Williamstown, MA91 Cole Ave$605,000Svenson, Benjamin Steven F Shoreman T
Shoreman, Steven F
More Info
August 23, 2013Williamstown, MA907 N Hoosac Rd$199,500Girard, Michael L
Girard, Carissa M
Langenback, Robert K
Langenback, Melissa K
More Info
August 31, 2018Williamstown, MA907 N Hoosac Rd$258,000Pretto, Ninah Girard, Michael L
Girard, Carissa M
More Info
June 30, 2022Williamstown, MA905 Simonds Rd$165,000Lawrence RE Assoc LLC Chefs Hat Restaurant LLC More Info
July 16, 2021Williamstown, MA905 Hancock Rd$623,500Glejzer, Richard R
Jankiewicz, Lynn A
Alice L Hadley 2018 T
Richardson, David P
More Info
July 13, 2020Williamstown, MA90 Ide Rd$786,000Kurtz, Rachel Whittum, James R
Gipp, Wendy S
More Info
November 01, 2017Williamstown, MA90 Candlewood Dr$373,000Cepeda, Anik Briggs, James P
Briggs, Susan F
More Info
February 15, 2013Williamstown, MA90 Berkshire Dr$411,000Hillman, Joshua D
Hillman, Angela F
Renzi, Ralph R More Info
June 30, 2016Williamstown, MA9 Windflower Way #9$208,000Barenblat, Rachel E Last Dance NT
Cramer, John C
More Info
November 14, 2022Williamstown, MA898 N Hoosac Rd$287,000Newlon, Nancy A Tryntje Shapli RET
Shapli, Tarik
More Info
June 12, 2013Williamstown, MA893 N Hoosac Rd$200,000Lawrence, Stephen Narula, Tarun
Narula, Simmi
More Info
August 08, 2016Williamstown, MA890 N Hoosac Rd$153,000Cote, Cynthia M Nowlan, Edward
Nowlan, Christine
More Info
September 24, 2018Williamstown, MA89 Baxter Rd$450,000Knight, Frank J
Knight, Carly A
Clinton-Mason, Ralph
Larson-Mason, Christine
More Info
March 29, 2019Williamstown, MA888 Hancock Rd$375,000Tidmarsh, Simon J
Tidmarsh, Tanya
Jones-Sneed, Frances More Info
November 04, 2016Williamstown, MA885 Hancock Rd$1,200,000Hodash, William M
Argento, Lisa
Bote, Herbert O More Info
November 15, 2018Williamstown, MA883 Hancock Rd$375,000Macdonald, Bruce A Mclaughlin Family Corp More Info
December 15, 2020Williamstown, MA883 Hancock Rd$555,000Steward, Tyran K
Steward, Tamanika T
Macdonald, Bruce A More Info
June 30, 2023Williamstown, MA882 Simonds Rd$260,000Tone, Nami
Partuk, Ilia D
Shirayama, Daie
Aoyagi, Nami
More Info
November 19, 2013Williamstown, MA88 Woodlawn Dr$100,000Smith, Gerard J
Smith, Robert A
Investors&Investors Inc More Info
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