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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 30, 2020Williamstown, MA85 Harmon Pond Rd$335,000Robert E Wiesenberger T
Wiesenberger, Robert E
Rouse, Regina M More Info
June 03, 2019Williamstown, MA85 Cobbleview Rd$399,000Millet, Alexandre A
Leonard, Anne R
Marrs, Laurie A More Info
June 21, 2013Williamstown, MA841 Hancock Rd$305,000Peter S Kapiloff RET
Kapiloff, Peter S
Muriel Sirken RET
Sirken, Anrienne L
More Info
May 03, 2021Williamstown, MA841 Hancock Rd$655,000Nissim, Norris
Nissim, Nancy
Peter S Kapiloff RET
Kapiloff, Peter S
More Info
June 11, 2020Williamstown, MA84 N Hoosac Rd$189,900Longe, Brendan W Dunn, Michael T
Dunn, Sharon A
More Info
January 23, 2013Williamstown, MA84 Benlise Dr$325,000Swartz, Michael L
Swartz, Patricia R
Spencer, Gary L
Spencer, Denise M
More Info
June 27, 2018Williamstown, MA839 Green River Rd$760,000Kechley, Aaron T
Hammond, Sarah P
Fauteux, Edgar L
Fauteux, Mary A
More Info
February 04, 2021Williamstown, MA832 N Hoosac Rd$175,000Wadsworth, Maria
Carlson, Donald
Margaret A Pierpan RET
Pierpan, Margaret A
More Info
June 20, 2017Williamstown, MA83 Sloan Rd$500,000Umlauf, John N Umlauf, Carolyn B More Info
November 27, 2012Williamstown, MA83 Candlewood Dr$190,000Hays, Christopher L
Leahey-Hays, Patricia A
Dupras, Beatrice L More Info
February 05, 2018Williamstown, MA825 Simonds Rd$300,000Williamstown Town Of Turner House Living Ctr More Info
October 13, 2020Williamstown, MA825 Hancock Rd$805,000Stripling, Charles
Stripling, Patricia H
HRL Beach Holdings LLC More Info
January 15, 2015Williamstown, MA824 Simonds Rd$35,000Lalji Partners LLC T J Warren Inc More Info
October 22, 2015Williamstown, MA824 Simonds Rd$160,000Balkrishna Inc Lalji Partners LLC More Info
December 06, 2022Williamstown, MA824 Simonds Rd$200,000Reinland Prop Mgmt LLC Balkrishna Inc More Info
August 14, 2017Williamstown, MA817 N Hoosac Rd$217,900Sharon, Kevin D
Henderson, Julie M
Davis, Lawson A
Bouknight-Davis, Gail A
More Info
August 30, 2019Williamstown, MA81 Stratton Rd$53,500Jowett, David L Fedotowsky, Elizabeth More Info
October 18, 2022Williamstown, MA81 Stratton Rd$69,000Dunham, Sarah M Jowett, David L More Info
September 07, 2012Williamstown, MA81 Hoxsey St$602,500Fagan, John H
Fagan, Michelle K
Mathews, Robert L
Watson, Tara E
More Info
October 26, 2020Williamstown, MA81 Gale Rd$570,665Aidem, Betsy S Bode, Sharon P More Info
August 13, 2021Williamstown, MA81 Elliott Dr$640,000Kong, Patricia M
Arnoux, Frederic
Nassif, Robin M More Info
June 18, 2012Williamstown, MA81 Buxton Hill Rd$575,000Gipp, Wendy S Erickson, Peter B
Graziose, Lisa A
More Info
June 12, 2019Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$163,830Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
Haig, Bonnie
Nawazelski, Susan
More Info
September 25, 2020Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$215,000Waldman, Polly B Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
More Info
October 14, 2022Williamstown, MA803 Simonds Rd$210,000Taylor, Colleen P Weyers, Patrick A
Weyers, Harold J
More Info
November 17, 2015Williamstown, MA796 Main St$649,000Bergeron, Joseph C
Shen, Geraldine Y
Elizabeth B Williams RET
Williams, Elizabeth B
More Info
June 01, 2022Williamstown, MA792 N Hoosac Rd$399,000Hennessey, Nicholas
Hennessey, Emily
Barrale, Alix H
Barrale, William
More Info
August 10, 2011Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$336,750Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
Follansbee, Brooks W More Info
August 31, 2020Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$360,000Chaulk, Debra L Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
More Info
July 01, 2015Williamstown, MA788 Main St$620,500Dekel, Edan I
Dekel, Alexis N
Noble, John H
Hadfield, Susan E
More Info
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