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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
April 28, 2017Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #D1$140,000Zradi, Lawrence J Humphrey, Katlyn E More Info
October 25, 2019Williamstown, MA37 Thistle Path #37$305,000Zimmerman, David J
Langman, Susan E
Goodwin, Daniel P
Singham, Shanti M
More Info
May 21, 2021Williamstown, MA181 North St$370,000Zhong, Yang North St Invs LLC More Info
June 16, 2017Williamstown, MA380 Pine Cobble Rd$390,000Young-Cook, Mea
Powell, Hugh D
Williams College More Info
October 01, 2019Williamstown, MA26 Thistle Path #26$220,000Young, William C
Young, Marcia J
Ficke, Hunter H More Info
July 26, 2019Williamstown, MA207 S Hemlock Ln #207$150,000Yeager-Crasselt, Lara R
Crasselt, Jost
Hespos, Richard
Hespos, Arlene
More Info
October 04, 2018Williamstown, MA206 Bee Hill Rd$610,000Yang, Hagen Bernard, Claire J More Info
November 02, 2020Williamstown, MA1243 N Hoosac Rd$249,900Yager, Kyle A
Yager, Ashleigh C
Sherman, John F
Sherman, Kelly J
More Info
September 04, 2019Williamstown, MA67 Woodlawn Dr$207,000Wylde, Marjorie M Ouellette, Robert G More Info
June 10, 2019Williamstown, MA236 Bulkley St$1,446,000Wu, Mark
Hao, Yvonne P
Kucich John J Sr Est
Lancia, Marguerite K
More Info
May 04, 2012Williamstown, MA63 Willshire Dr$262,000Wright, William F
Wright, Sharon E
Holland, Matthew B More Info
December 17, 2015Williamstown, MA660 Main St$85,000Wright, Erin Lhoste, Sophie More Info
May 23, 2014Williamstown, MA1052 Simonds Rd$120,000Wooley, Nicole N Herrick, Ester
Herrick, Dennis E
More Info
May 02, 2012Williamstown, MA523 Hancock Rd$331,500Woodward, William Wallace, Thomas J
Wallace, Mary-delia J
More Info
September 09, 2014Williamstown, MA73 Longview Ter$440,000Woods, David J
Clowdus, Tamaryn E
Elder, Thomas G
Holden, Barbara I
More Info
April 30, 2015Williamstown, MA60 Knolls Rd$621,000Woodland T
Mashayekhi, Maryam
Beebee, Mary W More Info
May 18, 2017Williamstown, MAStoney Ledge Rd$250,000Wood, Robert B
Stinson, Suzanne J
Reichler, Patricia More Info
June 01, 2018Williamstown, MA1201 Main St$408,000Wolfson-Seeley, Caleb S
Olsen, Sarah E
Reinhardt, Mark T
Magavern, Margaret L
More Info
August 31, 2012Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #E2$132,000Wolf, Elizabeth B Soifer, Lydia More Info
May 30, 2012Williamstown, MA31 Church St$250,000Wohlberg, Shira L Douglas, Gretchen D More Info
July 29, 2021Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #D3$179,000Wobus, Reinhard A Casey, David C
Casey, Mary E
More Info
September 01, 2016Williamstown, MA600 Main St$407,700WNTA Inc Northern Pines RT
Anderson, Patricia A
More Info
November 16, 2015Williamstown, MA114 Berkshire Dr$345,165Wise FT
Wise, Charlene C
Damon Reed RET
Reed, Damon
More Info
April 11, 2011Williamstown, MA135 Church St$251,000Winters, Richard F
Winters, Cynthia G
Sandholm, Mary L
Marchese, Nicholas J
More Info
January 15, 2021Williamstown, MA177 Lindley Ter$185,000Winkler, Stephen A Schoorlemmer, Patrick W
Schoorlemmer, Dawn J
More Info
June 12, 2019Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$163,830Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
Haig, Bonnie
Nawazelski, Susan
More Info
February 15, 2017Williamstown, MA51 Willshire Dr$220,000Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc Politis, Nancy Q
Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc
More Info
August 03, 2011Williamstown, MAGale Rd$700Willmott, Peter S William College T More Info
May 18, 2016Williamstown, MA60 Main St$4,702,525Williamstown Town Of Morgan MHP Mass LLC More Info
February 05, 2018Williamstown, MA825 Simonds Rd$300,000Williamstown Town Of Turner House Living Ctr More Info
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