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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 18, 2011Williamstown, MA101 South St$442,000Carol W Harrington RT
Harrington, Carol W
Frank, Joele
Higins, Wendy F
More Info
January 21, 2011Williamstown, MA340 Pine Cobble Rd$745,000President&Trustee William Tetrault, John K
Tetrault, Martha R
More Info
January 20, 2011Williamstown, MASouth St$1Williams College Swartz NT
Swartz, J Crosby
More Info
January 20, 2011Williamstown, MASouth St$1Swartz NT
Swartz, J Crosby
Williams College More Info
December 20, 2010Williamstown, MA41 School St$460,041Klingenberg, Bernhard
Klingenberg, Sophie C
Ledbury, Andrew Mark
Ledbury, Helen
More Info
December 21, 2010Williamstown, MA303 Cole Ave$125,000Curran, Jeffrey J Martin, Gary S More Info
January 05, 2011Williamstown, MA213 White Oaks Rd$50,000Rio Invest LLC Peltier, Christopher
Peltier, Douglas
More Info
January 14, 2011Williamstown, MA860 N Hoosac Rd$125,000Pierce, Jacquelyne D
Fortier, Jeremy W
Davis, Joseph J
Davis, Ruth A
More Info
January 31, 2011Williamstown, MA316 Hancock Rd$542,500Tetrault, John K
Tetrault, Martha R
Abshire, Stephen K More Info
January 31, 2011Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #B3$105,000Prey, Barbara E Hardman, Holly A More Info
February 04, 2011Williamstown, MABlair Rd$30,000Massachusetts Comm Of Galusha, James E More Info
February 01, 2011Williamstown, MA60 Knolls Rd$598,500Beebee, Mary W Richardello, Denise C More Info
February 04, 2011Williamstown, MAStratton Rd (off)$30,000Massachusetts Comm Of Schlesinger FT
Schlesinger, Richard C
More Info
February 11, 2011Williamstown, MA674 Main St$509,000Harris, David A
Boukhobza, Giulia
Conway, Linda G More Info
February 18, 2011Williamstown, MAHopper Rd$250,000Galusha, James E Low, Josiah O
Low, Penelope I
More Info
February 17, 2011Williamstown, MA94 Cole Ave$330,000Dougherty, Kevin J
Dougherty, Moira R
Johnson, Marylou V More Info
February 23, 2011Williamstown, MA76 Hall St$136,000Wells Fargo Bk Lavalley, Nancy J
Wells Fargo Bk
More Info
February 24, 2011Williamstown, MA45 Frenier Ave$109,900Boucher, Steven M
Boucher, Laila G
FNMA More Info
February 22, 2011Williamstown, MA337 Luce Rd$300,000Kristin Allen Intervivo T
Allen, James A
Welsh NT
Welsh, Carole C
More Info
February 18, 2011Williamstown, MA24 Petersburg Rd$366,750Mckay, Hamilton W
Kennedy, Anne M
Goethals, Marion M More Info
January 26, 2011Williamstown, MA46 Mill St$125,000Cariddi, Guy R Greylock FCU
Rahilly, Pamela J
More Info
April 01, 2011Williamstown, MA476 Main St$665,697Ripan LLC Ritu LLC More Info
April 11, 2011Williamstown, MA135 Church St$251,000Winters, Richard F
Winters, Cynthia G
Sandholm, Mary L
Marchese, Nicholas J
More Info
May 19, 2011Williamstown, MA757 Simonds Rd$135,000Dravis, Stephen
Dravis, Rebecca M
Housman, Ryan C More Info
June 13, 2011Williamstown, MA280 Pine Cobble Rd$515,000Williams College Sheehy, Harry C
Sheehy, Constance D
More Info
June 15, 2011Williamstown, MA39 Hall St$118,000Johnson, Debra L Bombardier, Janet M
Bombardier, Wilfrid R
More Info
June 17, 2011Williamstown, MA240 Sand Springs Rd$201,000Found, Scott C
Found, Melissa E
Woodyard, Jeffrey K
Woodyard, Sarah C
More Info
June 13, 2011Williamstown, MASweet Farm Rd #5$150,000Adams Co-operative Bank Dickey, David L
Adams Co-operative Bank
More Info
July 01, 2011Williamstown, MA284 Sand Springs Rd$210,000Govardhan Krupa Inc Regnaiere, Raymond R
Regnaiere, Marjorie E
More Info
June 30, 2011Williamstown, MA1256 Simonds Rd$142,000Culver, Stephen W Winn, Barbara A More Info
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