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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 01, 2024Williamstown, MA465 Pine Cobble Rd$635,000Hartt, Kathryn M
Chu, Jacob K
Livingstone, Robert A
Livingstone, Samantha A
More Info
June 28, 2024Williamstown, MA965 N Hoosac Rd$360,000Koenig, Danielle C Hane, Amie A More Info
June 27, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #308$595,000Li, Yuk T 160 Water LLC More Info
June 07, 2024Williamstown, MA935 N Hoosac Rd$360,000Tong, Conor
Sanchez-Madrigal, Lea
Burke, Joseph L
Burke, Carolyn D
More Info
June 06, 2024Williamstown, MA726 Simonds Rd$275,000Kapiloff, Christopher J
Kapiloff, Lori M
Seguin, Holly A More Info
June 06, 2024Williamstown, MA701 Simonds Rd$320,000Templanza, J A Weld Richard J Est
Perreault, Claire M
More Info
June 04, 2024Williamstown, MA1012 N Hoosac Rd$552,000Bruun, Ronald C
Plamann, Kathryn A
Scott, Closson K
Scott, Diane R
More Info
June 03, 2024Williamstown, MA2480 Green River Rd$1,900,000Green Riv Regenerative Fa Farmland Enterprises LLC More Info
May 30, 2024Williamstown, MA49 May St$441,000Fhagen, Peony
Mancall, James N
Irar TCom More Info
May 29, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #410$975,000Mayo, Robert R 160 Water LLC More Info
May 24, 2024Williamstown, MA20 Haley St$420,000French, Jennifer L Anderson Margaret E Est
Anderson, Laura L
More Info
May 23, 2024Williamstown, MAHopper Rd$2,480,200Garnish, P J
Garnish, Kelly J
Loki Williamstown LLC More Info
May 22, 2024Williamstown, MA245 Bee Hill Rd$780,000Zapert, Ashley E
Morgenthal, Ashley H
Janette Marie Kessler RET
Kessler, Jenette M
More Info
May 15, 2024Williamstown, MA73 Hall St$325,000Rowe, Sara E James Y Hart RET
Hart-Brown, Laura
More Info
May 15, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #29$650,000Bennett, Lesa S
Bennett, Jeffrey B
160 Water LLC More Info
May 14, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #206$185,000Tatro, Mackenzie A 160 Water LLC More Info
May 10, 2024Williamstown, MA194 Luce Rd$324,000Bare, Ursula Jonathan, Darius K
Bail, Caroline
More Info
April 30, 2024Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #E2$200,000Raina, Tammy A Leja, David M
Leja, Anne H
More Info
April 25, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #305$550,000Rosner, Michael K
Rosner, Inger L
160 Water LLC More Info
April 10, 2024Williamstown, MA21 Berkshire Dr$565,000Mumtaz, Murad K
Pheobus, Alyssa
Anderson, Jonathan W
Johnson, Vida B
More Info
April 08, 2024Williamstown, MA159 Water St$360,000Martini Sunday LLC Soldato, Michael A
Soldato, Lynne M
More Info
April 04, 2024Williamstown, MA221 S Hemlock Ln #221$340,000Newmeyer, Laurie D Dragat, Linda B More Info
April 02, 2024Williamstown, MA48 Lower Windflower Way #48$525,000E J Thompson T
Thompson, Elizabeth J
Raina-Kalinik, Tamy A More Info
March 29, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #110$450,000Cyran Ft
Cyran, Theresa
160 Water LLC More Info
March 27, 2024Williamstown, MA35 Longview Ter$423,000Tsui, Cheung L
Hsu, En-Ting
Smith, Elizabeth A More Info
March 27, 2024Williamstown, MA160 Water St #207$525,000Gilbert, Douglas 160 Water LLC More Info
March 26, 2024Williamstown, MA930 N Hoosac Rd$250,000Martel, Vincent R Ingham, Shannon L More Info
March 20, 2024Williamstown, MA83 Candlewood Dr$342,000Majetich, Stephen D
Majetich, Laureen E
Hays, Christopher L
Leahey-Hays, Patricia A
More Info
March 18, 2024Williamstown, MA171 Main St$325,000Harris, James M
Mills, Christina D
Degraff Linda G Est
Degraff, John M
More Info
February 26, 2024Williamstown, MA130 Henderson Rd$330,000Kmc Sprague LLC Renaud, Laura A
Kumpulanian, Justin D
More Info
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