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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 14, 2018Williamstown, MA303 Stratton Rd$1,095,000Howe, James
Howe, June
Werner Gundersheimer T
Gundersheimer, Werner
More Info
March 02, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ide Rd$1,075,000Bath, Julie A Williamstown SB More Info
September 18, 2012Williamstown, MA94 Ide Rd$1,075,000Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
Robinson, Hobart K
Robinson, G I
More Info
September 10, 2015Williamstown, MA94 Ide Rd$1,075,000Cellana, Daniel F
Cellana, Rebecca G
Riley, Kevin P
Riley, Laurie H
More Info
September 03, 2021Williamstown, MA365 Oblong Rd$1,075,000Brenninkmeyer, David R
Wheeler, Anri E
Lee, Thomas H
Mcternan, Mary T
More Info
August 27, 2019Williamstown, MA280 Cole Ave$1,060,000Shiva Realty LLC Baker Property Holdings More Info
April 07, 2017Williamstown, MA555 Main St$1,050,000Krishiv Realty LLC Truedsson, Kjell R
Truedsson, Ann O
More Info
November 12, 2020Williamstown, MA100 Hill Province Rd$1,040,000Collins, Claude L
Collins, Carolyn B
Stone, Sheila M More Info
August 05, 2020Williamstown, MA861 Hopper Rd$1,035,000Blais, Ellen H Hartwell Samuel A Est
Gesten, Charlotte H
More Info
July 17, 2017Williamstown, MA373 Henderson Rd$1,020,000Papp, Gregory K
Rossi, Christina M
Holmgren, Eric P
Holmgren, Janet B
More Info
September 19, 2018Williamstown, MA429 Stratton Rd$1,015,000Beaver, Donald D
Seasholes, Nancy S
Hardman, Holly A More Info
April 09, 2014Williamstown, MA220 South St$1,000,000Lee, James B
Lee, Elizabeth B
Swartz NT
Swartz, J C
More Info
May 12, 2017Williamstown, MA244 Oblong Rd$1,000,000Orourke, T Kevin
Thurber, Edith B
Ellis, Douglas H
Palmer-Ellis, Amy E
More Info
July 25, 2019Williamstown, MA1146 Cold Spring Rd$1,000,000Maria Harrison T
Harrison, Maria
Bravo LLC More Info
January 13, 2020Williamstown, MA759 Hancock Rd$1,000,000Johnson, Michelle
Scotto, Ben A
George D Kennedy 1993 T
Kennedy, Timothy C
More Info
July 21, 2017Williamstown, MA231 Sweetbrook Rd$975,000Lopez, Dusty A
Lopez, Caitlin C
Holly A Taylor T
Taylor, Holly A
More Info
December 27, 2017Williamstown, MA1382 Main St$975,000Barron, Ethan
Min-Barron, Marion
Sterling&F Clark Art Inst More Info
November 18, 2020Williamstown, MA121 Treadwell Hollow Rd$972,500Dus, Daniel Exton-Reeve, Matthew
Reeve-Givens, Alexandra
More Info
July 12, 2018Williamstown, MA295 Hancock Rd$965,000Wells, Andrew S
Preston-Wells, Lauren
Daphne D Mcgill RET
Mcgill, Daphne D
More Info
November 25, 2020Williamstown, MA100 NW Hill Rd$955,000Kapiloff, Christopher J
Kapiloff, Lori M
Howland, John S
Howland, Jane B
More Info
June 21, 2017Williamstown, MA430 Main St$950,000430 Main Hotel LLC Williamstown PT
Mandelbaum, David
More Info
August 21, 2020Williamstown, MA2 River Run #2$950,000Tusa, Patricia A
Civitello, Robert L
180 Water LLC More Info
May 19, 2021Williamstown, MABee Hill Rd$950,000Svenson, Benjamin Fox, Charles W More Info
December 19, 2011Williamstown, MA1399 Green River Rd$900,0001399 Green River Road NT
Andersen, Jon
J William Winding Jr T
Winding, J W
More Info
April 08, 2020Williamstown, MA1165 Main St$875,000Sardo, Michael
Sardo, Patrie
Cluett, Jonathan C More Info
April 08, 2020Williamstown, MA1165 Main St$875,000Sardo, Michael
Sardo, Patrie
Cluett, Jonathan C More Info
February 06, 2015Williamstown, MA101 South St$860,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Matthiessen, Dieta V More Info
March 06, 2015Williamstown, MA107 South St$850,000Ole Andreas Halvorsen RET
Halvorsen, Ole A
Pierson South Street NT
Pierson, Sara L
More Info
September 07, 2018Williamstown, MA245 Bulkley St$850,000Langenback, Robert K
Langenback, Melissa K
Bashevkin, Robert
Cremer-Bashevkin, Barbara
More Info
December 07, 2020Williamstown, MA172 Ide Rd$850,000Stratton, Benjamin R
Stratton, Lindsay A
Stratton, Richard A More Info
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