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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
March 09, 2020Williamstown, MA30 Sunset Dr$400,000Campbell, Scott W
Campbell, Jaime R
Taylor, Colleen P More Info
September 22, 2014Williamstown, MA94 Southworth St$365,000Ellingwood, Kevin J
Ellingwood, Beth L
Tauber, Gwen M
Tauber, Kurt P
More Info
December 01, 2017Williamstown, MA15 White Oaks Rd$135,000Bouton, Jill C Tanzi, Caroline More Info
January 27, 2020Williamstown, MA684 N Hoosac Rd$34,900RSB Properties LLC Talarico, John B
Mountainone Bank
More Info
January 15, 2015Williamstown, MA824 Simonds Rd$35,000Lalji Partners LLC T J Warren Inc More Info
November 15, 2019Williamstown, MA1411 Main St$820,000Porcelli, Stephen L
Porcelli, Tara J
Swift, Joshua E
Weerackody, Sonali
More Info
July 19, 2019Williamstown, MA51 Sloan Rd$87,000Francis, Kaare Sweet, Norman E More Info
September 14, 2015Williamstown, MA66 Mill St$36,000Smith, Gerard J Sweeney Karyl Est
Sweeney, David
More Info
January 20, 2011Williamstown, MASouth St$1Williams College Swartz NT
Swartz, J Crosby
More Info
April 09, 2014Williamstown, MA220 South St$1,000,000Lee, James B
Lee, Elizabeth B
Swartz NT
Swartz, J C
More Info
June 02, 2021Williamstown, MA86 Linden St$390,000Brown, Nicole G
Monserrati, Michele
Swann, Karen More Info
December 27, 2019Williamstown, MA386 N Hoosac Rd$135,000Field-Hartman, Francine Swabey, Charles E More Info
October 03, 2019Williamstown, MA275 Gale Rd$630,000Sheehy, Harry C
Sheehy, Constance D
Svrluga, Bradley C
Bowen, Julia G
More Info
September 29, 2017Williamstown, MA240 South St$1,300,000Horn, Joey S Suzanne P Wilkins RET
Wilkins, Suzanne P
More Info
August 29, 2012Williamstown, MA255 Hancock Rd$1Bell, Frank S Sutter, Richard D More Info
January 31, 2013Williamstown, MA22 Porter St$90,000Dohaney, Michael L
Dohaney, Barbara D
Sussman, Stacy More Info
July 21, 2014Williamstown, MA54 Grandview Dr$395,000Nolan, James L
Nolan, Catherine
Susan H Crampton RET
Crampton, Stuart B
More Info
July 25, 2017Williamstown, MA30 Thistle Path #30$190,000Grande, Steven V
Grande, Linda A
Sumner, Jane W More Info
August 07, 2020Williamstown, MA335 Gale Rd$675,000Lees, Alexander B
Lees, Jennifer L
Sue S Metzner 2008 RET
Metzner, Sue S
More Info
August 29, 2019Williamstown, MA41 Manning St$399,000Bryan, Alexander M
Jaskot, Anne E
Suderburg, Elizabeth More Info
August 31, 2020Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$360,000Chaulk, Debra L Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
More Info
March 16, 2012Williamstown, MA35 School St$585,000Igoe, Kathleen
Igoe, Jonathan P
Strawbridge, Geoffrey D
Strawbridge, Jill B
More Info
December 07, 2020Williamstown, MA172 Ide Rd$850,000Stratton, Benjamin R
Stratton, Lindsay A
Stratton, Richard A More Info
May 04, 2015Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #D6$122,000Sangare, Omar A Stratton Hills RT
Juran, Jill B
More Info
August 07, 2013Williamstown, MA478 Water St$397,759Lau, Brandie Strachan, John R
Strachan, Jeanette M
More Info
November 30, 2012Williamstown, MA113 Ballou Ln$515,000Munzer, J A
Demarco, Marianne L
Storey, Matthew S
Storey, Jessica C
More Info
November 12, 2020Williamstown, MA100 Hill Province Rd$1,040,000Collins, Claude L
Collins, Carolyn B
Stone, Sheila M More Info
October 02, 2018Williamstown, MA287 Luce Rd$390,000Rice, David A
Rice, Ashley N
Stomberg, John R
Stomberg, Beth S
More Info
June 18, 2013Williamstown, MA144 Chestnut St$225,000Puddester, Frederick W
Puddester, Janet S
StHilaire, Gerard More Info
June 18, 2013Williamstown, MA144 Chestnut St$225,000Puddester, Frederick W
Puddester, Janet S
StHilaire, Gerard More Info
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