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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
November 13, 2015Williamstown, MA60 Baxter Rd$473,000Manigualt-Bryant, James A
Manigault-Bryant, L S
Poliandro, Leonard A
Poliandro, Ling M
More Info
July 07, 2017Williamstown, MA98 Buxton Hill Rd$472,500Rothschild, Adam
Kaufman, Laura
Zottoli, Steven J
Zottoli, Dorothy A
More Info
October 26, 2018Williamstown, MA204 Longview Ter$472,500Henderson, Henry
Henderson, Karen M
Poulin, Paul R
Poulin, Cynthia L
More Info
June 14, 2013Williamstown, MA674 Main St$471,000Olney, William
Olney, Tara
Harris, David A
Boukhobza, Ciulia
More Info
September 16, 2021Williamstown, MA20 Forest Rd$469,500Kurowski, Lindsey Forest Rd RT
Savacool, Julia A
More Info
June 18, 2014Williamstown, MA196 Southworth St$467,300Williams College Pres Mcweeny, Wendy B
Mcweeny, Gage C
More Info
June 29, 2015Williamstown, MA380 Pine Cobble Rd$466,000Williams College Fisher, Robert L
Kourajian, Barbara J
More Info
July 20, 2020Williamstown, MA526 Water St$465,000Raymond, Mark R
Raymond, Sarah E
Cohoon, J Patrice More Info
December 20, 2010Williamstown, MA41 School St$460,041Klingenberg, Bernhard
Klingenberg, Sophie C
Ledbury, Andrew Mark
Ledbury, Helen
More Info
June 30, 2011Williamstown, MA112 Ide Rd$460,000Maier, Nancy Ostrander F Taylor RET
Ostrander, F Taylor
More Info
July 13, 2018Williamstown, MA668 Main St$455,000Pope, Allen
Chapman-Bradley, Alice
Versenyi, Diana A More Info
March 30, 2012Williamstown, MA668 Simonds Rd$452,500Schaeffer, Michael H
Schaeffer, Angela
Sadlowski, Lynne H More Info
September 04, 2012Williamstown, MA85 Luce Rd$452,000Filson, Brent F
Filson, Rebecca
Koneru, Madhu B
Koneru, Elizabeth P
More Info
October 17, 2016Williamstown, MANw Hill Rd$451,555Jenks Northwest Hill RT
Hunnewell, Arnold W
Mason FT
Mason, Toby A
More Info
November 21, 2012Williamstown, MA147 Old Mill Rd$450,000Rothschild, Deborah M Brookman, William R
Fulford, Dawn B
More Info
July 15, 2013Williamstown, MA158 Sand Springs Rd$450,000Sand Springs Recreational Wampanaug Spring Inc More Info
September 15, 2016Williamstown, MA224 Longview Ter$450,000Derose, Joanne Y Greenhalgh, Ronald J
Smith-Greenhalgh, Venetia
More Info
September 30, 2016Williamstown, MA191 Berlin Rd$450,000191 Berlin Road NT
Moynihan, Gary
Franz, Patricia A
Haskins, James H
More Info
November 13, 2017Williamstown, MA164 Cole Ave$450,000Reische, James F
Reische, Aimee K
Reach, Mark J
Bifano, Laurel
More Info
August 15, 2018Williamstown, MA401 Petersburg Rd$450,000Smith, Robert J
Clarke-Smith, Bryn-Marie
Polacco, Michael More Info
September 24, 2018Williamstown, MA89 Baxter Rd$450,000Knight, Frank J
Knight, Carly A
Clinton-Mason, Ralph
Larson-Mason, Christine
More Info
December 30, 2020Williamstown, MA135 South St #1$450,000Hedreen, Guy M
Mcgowan, Elizabeth
Ruth L Greene RET
Greene, Alicia J
More Info
July 23, 2021Williamstown, MA25 Maple St$450,000Tanner-Colby, Frank
King-Colby, Danielle
Alice M Gagnier T
Gagnier, Grant W
More Info
October 29, 2020Williamstown, MA1135 New Ashford Rd$449,900Laprade, James F
Lutzy, R Thomas
Craft, Donna T
Craft, Philip C
More Info
October 03, 2014Williamstown, MA13 Cold Spring Rd$449,000Aalberts, Daniel P
Dankmeyer, Erica A
Carothers, James A
Carothers, Joanna K
More Info
April 23, 2015Williamstown, MA720 Hancock Rd$449,000Holzapfel, Simon
Holzapfel, Amy
Dolan FT
Dolan, Timothy R
More Info
November 28, 2017Williamstown, MA697 Henderson Rd$445,000Dupee, David B
Prevey-Dupee, Martha E
Kangas, William R
Kangas, Julie A
More Info
June 29, 2018Williamstown, MA42 Buxton Hill Rd$445,000Mckenna, Timothy K
Mckenna, Amy A
Clutz, Richard B
Clutz, Robin H
More Info
January 18, 2011Williamstown, MA101 South St$442,000Carol W Harrington RT
Harrington, Carol W
Frank, Joele
Higins, Wendy F
More Info
September 09, 2014Williamstown, MA73 Longview Ter$440,000Woods, David J
Clowdus, Tamaryn E
Elder, Thomas G
Holden, Barbara I
More Info
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