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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
May 26, 2021Williamstown, MA54 Oblong Rd$320,000Veltre, David R
Keosaian, Julia E
George, James A More Info
December 06, 2013Williamstown, MA54 Lindley Ter$316,000Hyde, D S
Hyde, Alice W
Mellow, Nicole E
Bartels, Paige L
More Info
March 01, 2019Williamstown, MA54 Linden St$325,000Rennab LLC Culver, Jean M More Info
July 21, 2014Williamstown, MA54 Grandview Dr$395,000Nolan, James L
Nolan, Catherine
Susan H Crampton RET
Crampton, Stuart B
More Info
February 25, 2022Williamstown, MA54 Cluett Dr$492,000App, Kevin M
App, Katelyn M
Pistorius-Stamper, Erika More Info
April 07, 2017Williamstown, MA54 Charles St$90,000Faulkner, Kevin M Gray FT
Richardson, Melissa M
More Info
October 14, 2021Williamstown, MA54 Charles St$200,000Snow, Jesse L
Snow, Mykaella
Faulkner, Kevin M More Info
November 01, 2018Williamstown, MA54 Arnold St$122,500ENL LLC Stephen, Sean M
Stephen, Tracy
More Info
July 31, 2020Williamstown, MA537 White Oaks Rd$490,000R C&L A Anderson RET
Anderson, Robert C
Brink, John E
Brink, Melissa L
More Info
June 25, 2021Williamstown, MA537 White Oaks Rd$517,500Perez, Gabriel
Perez, Kristen K
R C&L A Anderson RET
Anderson, Robert C
More Info
August 26, 2020Williamstown, MA537 Main St$250,000ENL LLC Danaher, Darryl
Kelly, Lisa
More Info
September 12, 2016Williamstown, MA533 Cold Spring Rd$85,000Cameron, Adam A Lepicier, Keith
Lepicier, Gregory
More Info
July 30, 2021Williamstown, MA533 Cold Spring Rd$210,000Williams, Janice V Cameron, Adam A More Info
September 09, 2022Williamstown, MA533 Cold Spring Rd$246,500Hopkins, Mark Williams, Janice V More Info
May 07, 2021Williamstown, MA530 White Oaks Rd$1,200,000Hemr, Kurt W
Hemr, Charlotte T
Philippe Besnard RET
Besnard, Philippe
More Info
June 18, 2014Williamstown, MA530 Main St$258,000Greylock FCU Kurpaska, Jeffrey A
Greylock FCU
More Info
October 31, 2014Williamstown, MA530 Main St$175,0001772 House LLC Greylock FCU More Info
November 09, 2018Williamstown, MA530 Main St$660,000Guerra, Cesar A
Babb-Guerra, Annaly
1772 House LLC More Info
September 26, 2013Williamstown, MA53 Lee Ter$220,000Fox, Soledad Meyer, Kenneth B More Info
January 23, 2012Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, James P Wiles, David K
Bissaillon, Kimberly A
More Info
July 18, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, Mary K Shea, James P
Shea, Megan P
More Info
May 14, 2018Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$279,500Barry, James A
Franklin, Tara M
Shea Mary Kathryn Est
Shea, James
More Info
May 20, 2022Williamstown, MA53 Cobbleview Rd$377,000Katz, Sara E Jeanne M Dilisio T
Berry, Monica
More Info
June 15, 2012Williamstown, MA53 Charles St$210,000Foo, Stephanie P
Foo, Chang W
Ouellette, Emile L
Ouellette, Martha M
More Info
August 27, 2015Williamstown, MA53 Charles St$182,000Coelho, Sarah E Foo, Stephanie P
Foo, Chang W
More Info
June 20, 2017Williamstown, MA53 Charles St$192,000Smith, Alexander
Smith, Tami
Coelho, Sarah E More Info
December 29, 2020Williamstown, MA53 Charles St$239,000Mohn, Warren
Mohn, Karen
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Tami
More Info
February 03, 2021Williamstown, MA53 Candlewood Dr$509,000Cone, Jeremy
Cone, Caitlin
Ellet, Thomas V
Ellet, Claudia
More Info
August 03, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Belden St$287,000Wells, Curtis D
Jacobson, Sarah A
Schwartz, Edith V More Info
December 01, 2015Williamstown, MA529 Main St$125,000Enl LLC Mayfield NT
Guernsey, Sherwood
More Info
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