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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
January 16, 2019Williamstown, MA644 Bee Hill Rd$614,000Byrd, Charles P
Barnes, Anne E
Turbin, Ronald
Turbin, Judith H
More Info
January 14, 2022Williamstown, MA643 Main St$270,000SLML LLC Rathbun, Ann More Info
December 20, 2022Williamstown, MA640 Pine Cobble Rd$536,750Williams College Lynch, Daniel V
Lynch, Susan L
More Info
September 06, 2023Williamstown, MA640 Pine Cobble Rd$594,000Adam, Gwendolyn J
Alpert, Sharon L
Williams College More Info
December 29, 2023Williamstown, MA64 Southworth St$660,000Howard, Gregory P
Lev, Anna G
Wells, Bardley C
Burris, Elizabeth D
More Info
November 30, 2016Williamstown, MA64 Moorland St$587,500Spelman, John C
Conathan, Lisa J
Gail, Keli More Info
November 15, 2017Williamstown, MA64 Henderson Rd$187,000Guilderson Kirsch FT
Guilderson, Hugh L
Ogrady, Alison R
Healy, Susan R
More Info
October 12, 2021Williamstown, MA64 Henderson Rd$240,000Lopez, Dusty A
Lopez, Caitlin C
Guilderson Kirsch FT
Guilderson, Hugh L
More Info
May 04, 2012Williamstown, MA63 Willshire Dr$262,000Wright, William F
Wright, Sharon E
Holland, Matthew B More Info
December 01, 2014Williamstown, MA63 Willshire Dr$262,000Rydell, Douglas
Rydell, Carol
Wright, William F
Wright, Sharon E
More Info
September 17, 2019Williamstown, MA63 Elm St$246,500ENL LLC Boyer, Paul J
Boyer, David J
More Info
August 15, 2016Williamstown, MA620 Pine Cobble Rd$535,000Koralesky, Barron
Juneau, Michelle
Williams College More Info
January 19, 2018Williamstown, MA62 Summer St$142,900Hyde, Kathleen M Janiga, Deanna M More Info
December 20, 2013Williamstown, MA62 Stratton Rd$370,000Brodwell, Jeremy R
Brodwell, Dawn M
Cating, J M More Info
December 31, 2015Williamstown, MA62 Roaring Brook Rd$74,291Filiault, Jon-Joe Filiault, Jon-Joe
Berman, Howard
More Info
December 27, 2017Williamstown, MA62 Roaring Brook Rd$73,624Bump, Jennifer A Filiault, Jon-Joe More Info
August 22, 2013Williamstown, MA62 New Ashford Rd$330,000Goodrich, D F
Jennings, Erin K
Walley, Geli P More Info
September 09, 2016Williamstown, MA62 New Ashford Rd$373,940Pesce, Nicholas V Goodrich, D Foster
Jennings, Erin K
More Info
January 04, 2013Williamstown, MA62 Charles St$126,000Greenwald, Peter Pepper Carol Est
Krinitz, Joel
More Info
August 11, 2017Williamstown, MA62 Charles St$130,000Queen, Jean M Greenwald, Peter More Info
February 26, 2016Williamstown, MA617 Henderson Rd$240,000Mahan, Samuel L
Mahan, Elizabeth C
Schlesinger, Charles T
Schlesinger, Jacquelyn J
More Info
December 03, 2012Williamstown, MA616 Main St$350,000K&J Holdings LLC Auge, Claudine R More Info
January 28, 2022Williamstown, MA616 Main St$350,000Morina, Adrian
Molla, Doriana
K&J Holdings LLC More Info
March 21, 2016Williamstown, MA614 Main St$208,000KG&E Realty Group LLC Northern Pines RT
Anderson, Patricia A
More Info
August 20, 2020Williamstown, MA610 Water St$630,000Jennings, Samuel A Harry M Montgomery RET
Montgomery, Harry M
More Info
December 14, 2016Williamstown, MA610 Main St$125,000MGA Realty Group LLC Northern Pines RT
Anderson, Patricia A
More Info
August 29, 2017Williamstown, MA61 School St$595,000Sullivan, Erin L
Sullivan, Noelle D
Kessler, Janette M More Info
August 31, 2015Williamstown, MA61 Moorland St$433,003Stroud, Nicholas S
Stroud, Catherine B
Morgan, Frank More Info
October 01, 2021Williamstown, MA61 Luce Rd$254,000Godbout, Jean Sebastien
Chen, Qiushi
William&Ann King T
Alley, Paula J
More Info
July 02, 2018Williamstown, MA61 Ide Rd$422,000Mandel, Marc S
Mandel, Jessie R
Clarke, Jau A More Info
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