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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 16, 2020Williamstown, MA684 N Hoosac Rd$49,000Couture, Rebecca A RSB Properties LLC More Info
January 29, 2021Williamstown, MA681 Simonds Rd$271,000Williamstown Amer Legion Siracusa Holdings LLC More Info
December 04, 2015Williamstown, MA68 South St$725,000Williams College Montiel, Peter J
Purcell-Montiel, Susan
More Info
June 06, 2018Williamstown, MA68 Luce Rd$185,000Drmacich-Flach, Daniel
Drmacich-Flach, Jessica G
Boyer, David J
Boyer, Laurie J
More Info
March 13, 2013Williamstown, MA677 Simonds Rd$728,000NXM LLC Purple Moon LLC More Info
December 10, 2021Williamstown, MA677 Simonds Rd$850,000Legend Interests Inc NXM LLC More Info
February 11, 2011Williamstown, MA674 Main St$509,000Harris, David A
Boukhobza, Giulia
Conway, Linda G More Info
June 14, 2013Williamstown, MA674 Main St$471,000Olney, William
Olney, Tara
Harris, David A
Boukhobza, Ciulia
More Info
March 11, 2019Williamstown, MA674 Main St$620,000Williams, Mason B
Schaitkin, Alexis
Olney, William W
Olney, Tara L
More Info
September 04, 2019Williamstown, MA67 Woodlawn Dr$207,000Wylde, Marjorie M Ouellette, Robert G More Info
August 15, 2013Williamstown, MA67 Sweetbrook Rd$565,000Paul, Carol V Ranzer, David M
Ranzer, Joanne M
More Info
July 14, 2011Williamstown, MA67 Main St$112,000Ladouceur, Christopher G Buck Theresa M Est
Oneil, Susan L
More Info
September 14, 2018Williamstown, MA67 Linden St$405,000Reed, William H
Reed, Clara C
Jones, Kevin M
Jones, Moria O
More Info
March 02, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ide Rd$1,075,000Bath, Julie A Williamstown SB More Info
July 09, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ballou Ln$267,500Barnes, Christopher
Barnes, Tara
Rork, Jennifer More Info
March 30, 2012Williamstown, MA668 Simonds Rd$452,500Schaeffer, Michael H
Schaeffer, Angela
Sadlowski, Lynne H More Info
July 07, 2017Williamstown, MA668 Simonds Rd$475,000Kline-Creighton, Marshall
Tilley-Creighton, E
Schaeffer, Michael H
Schaeffer, Angela
More Info
July 13, 2018Williamstown, MA668 Main St$455,000Pope, Allen
Chapman-Bradley, Alice
Versenyi, Diana A More Info
December 17, 2015Williamstown, MA660 Main St$85,000Wright, Erin Lhoste, Sophie More Info
March 07, 2014Williamstown, MA66 Willshire Dr$310,000Fredette, Amy M
Fredette, Joshua L
Johnson, Debra L
Hart, Debra L
More Info
August 15, 2016Williamstown, MA66 Orchard Ln$250,000Bukanc, Rachel Rauscher, Hugh D
Williams-Rauscher, Nancy
More Info
November 20, 2020Williamstown, MA66 Orchard Ln$289,000VanKempen, Diane L Bukanc, Rachel More Info
September 14, 2015Williamstown, MA66 Mill St$36,000Smith, Gerard J Sweeney Karyl Est
Sweeney, David
More Info
July 19, 2018Williamstown, MA66 Mill St$125,000Jannen, William K Smith, Gerard J More Info
March 09, 2020Williamstown, MA66 Jerome Dr$300,000Reinhard, Lars
Reinhard, Calye
Williams College More Info
September 27, 2013Williamstown, MA66 Hoxsey St$261,000Eco Solutions LLC Lincoln, Connie M
Lincoln, Robert H
More Info
October 24, 2019Williamstown, MA66 Hoxsey St$395,000CC Hoxsey LLC Ecosolutions LLC More Info
April 13, 2012Williamstown, MA66 Grandview Dr$127,000Kornell, Nathan
Ridberg, Renee
Greene, Mildred
One West Bank FSB
More Info
July 10, 2015Williamstown, MA654 Main St$99,000Belair, Philomene H
Belair, Richard D
Wilkinson, Cindy L More Info
March 17, 2017Williamstown, MA65 Maple St$300,000Jordan-Leyda, Christopher
Leyda-Nicoll, Kerri
ENL LLC More Info
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