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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
September 07, 2016Williamstown, MA212 Cold Spring Rd$220,000Manary, Micah J
Manary, Faith G
Shuker-Haines, Timothy M
Shuker-Haines, Frances S
More Info
August 11, 2020Williamstown, MA105 Harrison Ave$259,900Bayer, Jonah M
Papa, Victoria H
Short William L Est
Short, Michael W
More Info
August 31, 2016Williamstown, MA213 S Hemlock Ln #213$161,000James E Galusha RET
Galusha, James E
Shirley G Carpenter NT
Carpenter, Shirley G
More Info
September 02, 2021Williamstown, MAGale Rd$270,000Botkin, Stephen
Zwart, Jeanette
Shipley, Ralph T
Gaskill-Shipley, Mary
More Info
November 02, 2020Williamstown, MA1243 N Hoosac Rd$249,900Yager, Kyle A
Yager, Ashleigh C
Sherman, John F
Sherman, Kelly J
More Info
March 31, 2020Williamstown, MA1448 Cold Spring Rd$220,000Barenski, Daniel J
Barenski, Lauren M
Sheperd, Guy R
Almeida-Shepherd, Suzanne
More Info
August 13, 2021Williamstown, MA395 North St$320,000Nassif, Robin M Sheldon, Suzanne A More Info
June 30, 2021Williamstown, MA30 Cold Spring Rd$575,000Olney, William W
Olney, Tara L
Sheehy, Matthew P
Sheehy, Cynthia L
More Info
June 13, 2011Williamstown, MA280 Pine Cobble Rd$515,000Williams College Sheehy, Harry C
Sheehy, Constance D
More Info
August 14, 2015Williamstown, MA352 N Hoosac Rd$131,500Burnham, Amanda L Sheehy, Harry C
Sheehy, Constance D
More Info
July 15, 2020Williamstown, MA220 Henderson Rd$196,000Digennaro, Adam D
Reeves, Brittany C
Sheehy, Harry C
Sheehy, Constance D
More Info
July 18, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$250,000Shea, Mary K Shea, James P
Shea, Megan P
More Info
April 30, 2021Williamstown, MA13 Grundy Ct$237,500Elder, Thomas J
Elder, Jaime
Shea, Austin K More Info
May 14, 2018Williamstown, MA53 Hamel Ave$279,500Barry, James A
Franklin, Tara M
Shea Mary Kathryn Est
Shea, James
More Info
July 23, 2018Williamstown, MA526 N Hoosac Rd$50,000Wendling, Cheryl Sharkey, E Joseph More Info
January 25, 2019Williamstown, MA25 May St$265,000Snyder, Benjamin H
Snyder, Greta F
Shannon, Lisa H More Info
April 01, 2014Williamstown, MA92 Elm St$176,500Buell, Denise K Serrano, Carlos
Serrano, Roberto A
More Info
June 28, 2019Williamstown, MA30 Frenier Ave$147,000Bertolino, Robert M Senseney, William F More Info
June 29, 2018Williamstown, MA118 Lindley Ter$334,500Edwards, Carole
Nevarez, Sandra M
Sekkal, A Kacem More Info
November 30, 2016Williamstown, MAPetersburg Rd$230,000Forest Through Trees Frms Seckler, Michael S More Info
August 15, 2012Williamstown, MA41 Mount Williams Dr$270,000Li Yu RET
Yu, Li
Seasons Cecile M Est
Steuer, Cheryl A
More Info
October 27, 2020Williamstown, MA280 Stone Hill Rd$700,000David S Poppick 2019 RET Scullin, Richard J More Info
June 05, 2018Williamstown, MA1205 Main St$315,000Storey, Paul V
Storey, Karen L
Scott, Curtis R
Gottardi, Diane M
More Info
February 08, 2013Williamstown, MA100 NW Hill Rd$650,000Howland, John S
Howland, Jane B
Scofield, Edward A
Scofield, Lynda S
More Info
June 28, 2017Williamstown, MA406 N Hemlock Ln #406$355,000Basarab, Sheila A Scofield, Edward A
Scofield, Lynda
More Info
August 03, 2016Williamstown, MA53 Belden St$287,000Wells, Curtis D
Jacobson, Sarah A
Schwartz, Edith V More Info
May 28, 2014Williamstown, MA22-26 Pleasant Pl$194,500Burnes, Markus H
Burns, Christine W
Schrenck Szill Walter Est
Gramatges, Susan S
More Info
October 03, 2019Williamstown, MA189 Stratton Rd #A5$126,000Thompson, Jean E Schoorlemmer, Patrick W
Schoorlemmer, Dawn J
More Info
January 15, 2021Williamstown, MA177 Lindley Ter$185,000Winkler, Stephen A Schoorlemmer, Patrick W
Schoorlemmer, Dawn J
More Info
July 22, 2014Williamstown, MA225 S Hemlock Ln #225$150,000Schoen, Timothy Schoen, Evelyn G More Info
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