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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
July 07, 2017Williamstown, MA98 Buxton Hill Rd$472,500Rothschild, Adam
Kaufman, Laura
Zottoli, Steven J
Zottoli, Dorothy A
More Info
December 20, 2016Williamstown, MA163 N Hoosac Rd$360,000Rosenheim, Shawn J Zoltanski, Jennifer L More Info
November 29, 2017Williamstown, MA32 Woodcock Rd$348,500Berkshire Family&Individ Zoito, Vincent A
Zoito, Marcia M
More Info
October 25, 2019Williamstown, MA29 Hawthorne Rd$510,000Collins, Joelle G Zimmerman, David J
Langman, Susan E
More Info
April 30, 2021Williamstown, MA100 Ide Rd$640,500Nama01247 LLC Zeppieri, Michael J
Greylock FCU
More Info
September 13, 2023Williamstown, MAMason St$77,000Christensen, James
Christensen, Elyse
Zepka Ft
Zepka, Michael A
More Info
August 28, 2015Williamstown, MA20 Linden St$355,000Mackey, Monica M Yates-Mulder, Susan J More Info
March 13, 2020Williamstown, MA86 Buxton Hill Rd$505,000Holmgren, Janet B Yates-Mulder, Susan J More Info
November 16, 2015Williamstown, MA70 Ide Rd$1,200,000Sheehan, Joseph E
Omears-Sheehan, Shaun M
Yamamoto, Catherine M More Info
June 01, 2020Williamstown, MA231 Sloan Rd$1,636,000231 Sloan NT
Abendroth, William W
Yager-Geier, Amy
Geier, Philip O
More Info
June 26, 2019Williamstown, MA603 Bee Hill Rd$550,000Rowsey, Sherry L
Duffin, Margaret R
Wylde, Marjorie M More Info
December 01, 2014Williamstown, MA63 Willshire Dr$262,000Rydell, Douglas
Rydell, Carol
Wright, William F
Wright, Sharon E
More Info
June 17, 2011Williamstown, MA240 Sand Springs Rd$201,000Found, Scott C
Found, Melissa E
Woodyard, Jeffrey K
Woodyard, Sarah C
More Info
July 15, 2013Williamstown, MA6 Windflower Way #6$165,000Berry, Mary L Wong, Mary B
Wong, K S
More Info
October 16, 2012Williamstown, MA120 S Hemlock Ln #120$1,784,000Allen, John T
Allen, Jane B
Wolf T
Levy, Robert E
More Info
December 06, 2023Williamstown, MA31 Church St$390,000Corey, Alexander W
Bell, Ashley N
Wohlberg, Shira L More Info
December 31, 2012Williamstown, MA197 Adams Rd$2,500,000BHS Mgmt Svcs Inc WMA Realty Patrners LLP More Info
October 02, 2023Williamstown, MA170 Sand Springs Rd$435,000Maz Properites LLC Witkowski, Michael S
Witkowski, Christine L
More Info
August 05, 2016Williamstown, MA430 Henderson Rd$435,000Bass, Mark H
Bass, Nancy D
Wise, Charlene C
Wise, Alfred J
More Info
August 21, 2017Williamstown, MA4 Windflower Way #4$259,000Bird, Daniel R
Kaczmarczyk, Christina T
Winston, Mary M More Info
June 08, 2017Williamstown, MASimonds Rd$25,000Culver, Cynthia
Culver, Stephen W
Winn, Janet C More Info
June 30, 2011Williamstown, MA1256 Simonds Rd$142,000Culver, Stephen W Winn, Barbara A More Info
September 25, 2020Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$215,000Waldman, Polly B Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
More Info
September 30, 2015Williamstown, MA12 Orchard Ln$180,000Miller, Richard H Winard, Rosalie F More Info
September 23, 2016Williamstown, MACharles St$24,000Greenwald, Peter W Wilson, James
Wilson, Barbara
More Info
September 21, 2018Williamstown, MA51 Willshire Dr$140,000Briggs, James P Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc More Info
March 12, 2013Williamstown, MA270 Cole Ave$64,000Montepare, James E Williamstown Youth Center More Info
March 02, 2012Williamstown, MA67 Ide Rd$1,075,000Bath, Julie A Williamstown SB More Info
December 27, 2022Williamstown, MA361 Main St$1,225,000Bapa 361 Main St Re LLC Williamstown Realty LLC More Info
June 21, 2017Williamstown, MA430 Main St$950,000430 Main Hotel LLC Williamstown PT
Mandelbaum, David
More Info
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