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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
October 18, 2022Williamstown, MA81 Stratton Rd$69,000Dunham, Sarah M Jowett, David L More Info
September 07, 2012Williamstown, MA81 Hoxsey St$602,500Fagan, John H
Fagan, Michelle K
Mathews, Robert L
Watson, Tara E
More Info
October 26, 2020Williamstown, MA81 Gale Rd$570,665Aidem, Betsy S Bode, Sharon P More Info
August 13, 2021Williamstown, MA81 Elliott Dr$640,000Kong, Patricia M
Arnoux, Frederic
Nassif, Robin M More Info
June 18, 2012Williamstown, MA81 Buxton Hill Rd$575,000Gipp, Wendy S Erickson, Peter B
Graziose, Lisa A
More Info
June 12, 2019Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$163,830Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
Haig, Bonnie
Nawazelski, Susan
More Info
September 25, 2020Williamstown, MA804 N Hoosac Rd$215,000Waldman, Polly B Winchester, Jeremy K
Vega, Ruby I
More Info
October 14, 2022Williamstown, MA803 Simonds Rd$210,000Taylor, Colleen P Weyers, Patrick A
Weyers, Harold J
More Info
November 17, 2015Williamstown, MA796 Main St$649,000Bergeron, Joseph C
Shen, Geraldine Y
Elizabeth B Williams RET
Williams, Elizabeth B
More Info
June 01, 2022Williamstown, MA792 N Hoosac Rd$399,000Hennessey, Nicholas
Hennessey, Emily
Barrale, Alix H
Barrale, William
More Info
August 10, 2011Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$336,750Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
Follansbee, Brooks W More Info
August 31, 2020Williamstown, MA79 Linden St$360,000Chaulk, Debra L Streett, Michael W
Streett, Carolyn B
More Info
July 01, 2015Williamstown, MA788 Main St$620,500Dekel, Edan I
Dekel, Alexis N
Noble, John H
Hadfield, Susan E
More Info
August 09, 2017Williamstown, MA787 N Hoosac Rd$297,500Henderson, Scott A
Henderson, Elisa
Creighton, Marshall K
Tilley-Creighton, E
More Info
December 22, 2020Williamstown, MA787 N Hoosac Rd$348,800Polebaum-Freeman, Hale O
Polebaum-Freeman, K E
Henderson, Scott A
Henderson, Elisa
More Info
July 27, 2022Williamstown, MA782 N Hoosac Rd$270,000Stant, Kevin J Kennedy, John M
Kennedy, Mary C
More Info
February 20, 2014Williamstown, MA780 New Ashford Rd$20,000Kathleen G Macalpine RET
Macalpine, Kathleen G
Fleury, John D
Fleury, Sharon M
More Info
June 28, 2019Williamstown, MA780 Main St$835,000Haylon NT
Haylon, William G
Barnes, David H
Barnes, Mary K
More Info
June 30, 2020Williamstown, MA78-80 Southworth St$680,000Lee-Cohen, Benjamin D
Lee-Cohen, Katherine J
Michelyne J Pinard T
Pinard, Michelyne J
More Info
January 15, 2016Williamstown, MA78 Summer St$311,000Evans, Myles A
Oleary, Jane F
Dubendorf, Dianne C More Info
June 26, 2015Williamstown, MA78 Deer Ridge Run$1,800,000Paul Neely RET
Neely, Paul
Devereux, Penelope P More Info
July 15, 2014Williamstown, MA78 Candlewood Dr$500,000Torres, Gerardo
Torres, Sloane
Luttazi, Ramon E
Luttazi, Yvonne
More Info
June 29, 2012Williamstown, MA777 Main St$350,000Williamstown Commuity Pre First United Methodist Ch More Info
August 10, 2011Williamstown, MA774 Simonds Rd$112,000Johansen, Richard B Martelle, Laura A More Info
October 07, 2016Williamstown, MA774 Simonds Rd$76,000RSB Properties LLC Johansen, Richard B
Mountainone Bank
More Info
March 09, 2017Williamstown, MA774 Simonds Rd$142,000Rickert, Tyler H
Rickert, Amanda L
RSB Properties LLC More Info
April 24, 2020Williamstown, MA770 Hancock Rd$410,000Sylvia, James A
Sylvia, Leigh E
Fahlenkamp, Keith B
Fahlenkamp, Karen D
More Info
July 28, 2011Williamstown, MA77 Bridges Rd$191,600FHLM Dudziak, Cynthia P
Bank Of America NA
More Info
October 25, 2011Williamstown, MA77 Bridges Rd$155,500Sedarbaum, Edward
Cruse, Howard
FHLM More Info
October 04, 2013Williamstown, MA767 N Hoosac Rd$283,622FNMA Ryan, Patrick M
GMAC Mortgage LLC
More Info
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