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DateCity, StateAddressPriceBuyersSellers 
June 27, 2014Williamstown, MA767 N Hoosac Rd$264,000Giarolo, Andrew P
Day, Laura E
FNMA More Info
April 10, 2012Williamstown, MA765 Simonds Rd$80,000Kaiser, Nicholas J Geist Joseph E Est
Kondel, Richard J
More Info
September 20, 2017Williamstown, MA765 Simonds Rd$135,000Carvalho, John R Kaiser, Nicholas J
Kaiser, Meghan M
More Info
May 24, 2018Williamstown, MA764 N Hoosac Rd$60,000Kellain LLC Sikelianos NT
Hausman-Stingo, S
More Info
March 10, 2022Williamstown, MA764 N Hoosac Rd$280,000Gerson, Philip R
Vance, Keven C
Kellain LLC More Info
September 28, 2023Williamstown, MA762 Main St$635,000Hotaling, Eric J
Hoellrich, Susan P
Payne, Michael C
Payne, Cynthia D
More Info
January 05, 2015Williamstown, MA761 Henderson Rd$398,000Aftosmis, Stephen F
Aftosmis, Amber B
Grees, Edward S
Grees, Ann E
More Info
July 29, 2011Williamstown, MA76 Moorland St$348,500Goh, Christopher
Goh, Sarah L
Oneil, Stephen K
Oneil, Thelma F
More Info
July 08, 2015Williamstown, MA76 Luce Rd$153,500Story, Ellen Brewer Ruth Est
Brewer, Steven L
More Info
February 23, 2011Williamstown, MA76 Hall St$136,000Wells Fargo Bk Lavalley, Nancy J
Wells Fargo Bk
More Info
September 30, 2022Williamstown, MA76 Cluett Dr$672,500W W Sprague 2022 T
Sprague, William W
Twomey, Celia J More Info
January 13, 2020Williamstown, MA759 Hancock Rd$1,000,000Johnson, Michelle
Scotto, Ben A
George D Kennedy 1993 T
Kennedy, Timothy C
More Info
May 19, 2011Williamstown, MA757 Simonds Rd$135,000Dravis, Stephen
Dravis, Rebecca M
Housman, Ryan C More Info
June 26, 2023Williamstown, MA754 Simonds Rd$375,000Agostini, Andrew J
Agostini, Kathryn M
Cook, Nathan P
Cook, Jessica W
More Info
September 18, 2012Williamstown, MA751 Main St$230,000ENL LLC Olga R Beaver 2001 RET
Beaver, Olga R
More Info
May 15, 2013Williamstown, MA751 Henderson Rd$125,500Ruble, Thomas B
Ruble, Alice M
Hynes Alice B C Est
Hynes, Aldon M
More Info
September 08, 2021Williamstown, MA751 Henderson Rd$207,500Sweet, Robert M Ruble, Thomas B
Ruble, Alice M
More Info
October 28, 2016Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$350,000Eagle Shore T
Driver, John C
Agostini, Alan F
Agostini, Barbara A
More Info
March 01, 2018Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$400,000Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
Eagle Shore T
Driver, John C
More Info
April 13, 2018Williamstown, MA750 Petersburg Rd$350,000Anderson, Nathaniel S
Starz, Carolyn S
Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
More Info
August 28, 2019Williamstown, MA750 N Hoosac Rd$120,000Larios-Bixcul, Selvin D
Bella-Larios, Abiyel D
Merchant, Susan J
Higby, Christine C
More Info
January 10, 2014Williamstown, MA75 Purple Mountain Pass$1,221,000Shapiro, Howard M
Brandman, Shirley
Howard, Russell W
Howard, Christina L
More Info
November 01, 2017Williamstown, MA75 Hill Province Rd$425,000Kemple, David P
Kemple, Suzanne G
Adelson, Leonard E
Adelson, Patricia L
More Info
June 01, 2023Williamstown, MA75 Hill Province Rd$859,000Swindell, Christopher A
Swindell, Katherine B
Kemple, David P
Kemple, Suzanne G
More Info
March 17, 2015Williamstown, MA75 Cold Spring Rd$123,000Johns, George D
Mccaffery, Jonas A
Dufour, Kristian S More Info
November 16, 2020Williamstown, MA75 Cold Spring Rd$165,000Beitzel, James F Johns, George D
Mccaffery, Jonas A
More Info
September 30, 2021Williamstown, MA748 Petersburg Rd$500,000John C Driver T
Driver, John C
Driver, Cecil
Cook, Janice J
More Info
December 13, 2019Williamstown, MA742 N Hoosac Rd$45,000Cameron, James D
Cameron, Deborah L
Koelle, Thomas More Info
April 07, 2021Williamstown, MA74 Lindley Ter$267,200Bloom, Michael E Rice, Herbert L
Rice, Marilyn H
More Info
February 26, 2020Williamstown, MA74 Lee Ter$190,000Khajornchaisak, Mookharin Voravittayathorn, Panom
Chanphanicharoen, W
More Info
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